KnCMiner Jupiter Bitcoin Miner UNBOXING and FIRST LOOK!

The time has finally to do the Super Secret Special Unboxing. It is of a KnCMiner Jupiter. This is a special computer that mines Bitcoins and other cryptographic currencies. So, yes, this thing makes money. A lot of money. You can buy one at one of the links here:

I can not stress this enough! If you want one, visit one of the links above!!! Also, if you’re coming from Bitcointalk, Reddit, or The Botting Network, hello. My name on TBN and BTCtalk is goosoodude, and my Reddit username is MrGoosoodude.

Also, if you don’t know what Bitcoin is, here’s a video:

Also, this is just a really fast computer using what is called “ASIC” technology. This means it can only mine SHA-256d coins, such as Bitcoin and PPcoin.

Thank you so much for watching! A full review of this miner will be coming in 2-3 days. So, make sure you Subscribe and “Like” the video, as I put a lot of hard work into making this happen. 🙂

N.2 Bitcoin (5 cube for 1 unit) KNCminer Neptune in action!


  • Ok, I’m sorry about not posting the follow-up. It has MORE THAN QUADRUPLED
    it’s investment. It’s running fine. I also have a 2nd now. I may or may not
    be uploading a video 1 month from now, explaining how I’m making money with
    these, as the BTC difficulty is wayyy to high. Also, I’m going to change
    the description, don’t worry. What I meant by that is KnCMiner didn’t
    DIRECTLY pay me to do this unboxing. I was just promoting my affiliate
    link, that many people have.

    “I am in no way being paid to promote KnCMiner or any of it’s products.
    This video is for informational purposes only” — But when you click on
    the link in the description, he’s getting paid as a reseller.
    Fucking kids.

  • And late November it was over $1,100. I assume you didn’t turn off your
    money-making machine at this point. Why don’t you post a video of a
    screenshot of your earnings to confirm your story. I seriously doubt you
    will. You are likely destroying people’s lives pushing rubbish like this.
    Listen to some of the comments like *You have no idea how jealous i am of
    you right now!*. If you are bending the truth, which I think you are, I
    hope karma comes and visits you when some terrible happens to you or
    someone you love in the future. It is disgusting that you sell this crap as
    true. Not everyone has a daddy as rich as yours.

  • Well it’s now 62 times as difficult to mine Bitcoins as when this child
    posted this ridiculous video. He probably lost about $50 in the amount of
    time it took him to open the box. But if the kid was right & was earning
    $100 per day back then, he’s earning about $1.50 a day now. He says it’s *more
    than quadrupled its investment* … but somehow can’t be arsed to show
    anyone any screenshots of his earnings or post a video of his new Bugatti
    Veyron. Better get back to playing Minecraft. Something very fishy about
    this. Dad works for KnC maybe?

  • Box finally opened at 01:57

  • Did your dad buy it for you? lul.

    Also, 2 months later and you never did that review you spoke of in the

  • Is this the first box you have ever opened? :-)

  • Nearly 4 months since this purchase … buy his reckoning, at $100 per day,
    that would have been approx. $12,000. Funny how MrGoosoodude hasn’t posted
    any videos of himself on his new yacht. But hey, if daddy buys the kit &
    pays for the electricity then what has he to lose. I can’t imagine we will
    get much sense out of this child.

  • How does a child Afford that?..

  • how much can you make with jupiter per day?

  • You have no idea how jealous i am of you right now!

  • this video could be 2 minutes long

  • follow up video please!!! how did you do?

  • Are you mining in a pool or on your own?

  • HI MRgoosoodude nice video, how much do you make a day ?

  • Hey man just curious if you have noticed a steady drop since 2 weeks ago
    when you bought it or are they still worth buying?!

  • THE SUPER SECRET SPECIAL UNBOXING IS HERE!!!!!!!! I been waiting since June
    🙂 #KnCMiner

  • 69 videos…

  • Theliftingdutchman

    Got the same miner a few days ago. What coins do you mine? I haven’t done
    research on all the other coins, can you make more profit with them than

  • I know of all alt coins, but none have the market capitalisation as Bitcoin
    does. You are banking on a possibility they will be worth more than the
    steam off my piss. Which will be never. We could go back and forth all day
    long on this matter, but in the end, you’d be a fool not to sell up now,
    and buy Bitcoin with the funds instead. Either way, I wish you all the best.

  • I… I understand…

  • So, I take it you have no clue about other coins. AKA; ASICcoin, Zetacoin,
    PPcoin, Tigercoin, Butterflycoin… The list goes on and on. Again, do

  • Sylvan Energy Solutions

    enthusiasm personified! Good luck with your venture young fella.

  • saw your stats mate thats 22.27 btc a day am i right?

  • Is that the actual noise it’s creating? So, quiet compare to others. How
    much did you make so far?

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