Bitcoin Roundup News: Celeb Photo Leak, KnCMiner, The Bit Drop Project, CEO of Mt Gox, Charlie Shrem

This week’s Bitcoin News from KnCMiner, The Bit Drop Project, The Former CEO of Mt Gox, Charlie Shrem and The NSFW Fappening Celebrity Photo Leak!

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Poor treatment of customers and failure to deliver a fully functional product – Bold business strategy cotton…

Shanghai's Bitcoin Expo 2014 Schedule Revealed

Shanghai's Bitcoin Expo 2014 Schedule Revealed
The Bitcoin Expo 2014 is set to kick off in Shanghai later this week and the organizers have released the schedule for the upcoming event. It will kick off with a party on Friday night, September 19th start in earnest on Saturday and finish on Sunday …
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Coming in September, Inside Bitcoins Conference and Expo Will Feature Over
IO, Strevus, Airbitz, AMT, Bitmain, Black Arrow, CoinTerra, Jumio, meXBT, ROCKMINER, Butterfly Labs,, CoinSimple, Cryptopay, Jumio, meXBT, Digital Jersey, Unocoin, Verne Global, VirtusData Centres and Seedcoin. 20+ future-forging sessions, …
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BBT Episode 23: Spondoolies SP30 Yukon | MAT Excalibur 5 | Fastest Bitcoin&Litecoin mining ASIC

BEST VIEWED IN 1080P | once completed processing

This episode of BBT we take a deep dive look at the Spondoolies SP30 Yukon Bitcoin Mining unit and the MAT Excailbur 5 250m/h Scrypt based mining unit.

The Spondoolies Tech over the course of 3 weeks paid out nearly .47 BTC and the MAT paid out near the same at a .39 BTC …both totaling nearly a full bitcoin.

Unit Info:

Spondollies SP30 Yukon

Effective Hash Rate: 4.5 TH/s ± 10%
ASIC: 30 Spondoolies-Tech RockerBox ASICs
Controller: TI Sitara 1GHz (based on Beagle Bone Black)
Controller Board OS: Linux (embedded)
Mining Software: Cgminer with custom plugin
Form Factor: 2 U rack mountable (mounting ears provided)
Network: Single 10/100 Ethernet port
Fans: 4 X 80 mm
Power Supply: 2 x 1200 W – Drawing 1500 W “at the wall”
Input Rating: 90 – 264 VAC
Nominal Power Consumption: 3000 W
Ambient Operating Temperature: 0 °C to 35 °C
Emissions Compliance: FCC / CE
Safety Certification: CE

MAT Excalibur 5

Effective Hash Rate: 250 MH/s ASIC Scrypt Litecoin
Controller Board: MAT Board
Controller Board OS: Linux (embedded)
Mining Software: MATminer incl. web interface
Form Factor: Desktop or 4U rack mountable (rack slides required)
Network: Single RJ45 10/100 Ethernet port
Cooling: Turbo Fan Cooling system
Input Rating: 110-240 VAC

Sources of information:
Spondoolies Tech WebSite
Mining Asic Technology BV Website
Spondoolies Tech Promotional Video

RockMiner R-BOX 32 gh/s Bitcoin Miner With ASICMiner BE200 ASIC Chips

RockMiner R-BOX 32 gh/s Bitcoin Miner With ASICMiner BE200 ASIC Chips
We have seen several new Bitcoin/SHA-256 miners come out as well as announcements of plenty more to come as well. One miner that has come out recently is the RockMiner R-Box. It is a 32+ gh/s miner built using ASICMiner's Gen 3 40nm BE200 chip in a …
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Bitcoin and Litecoin Mining Giants ZeusMiner and Rockminer on Partnership
zeusminer rockminer partnership ZeusMiner and Rockminer recently formed a partnership to bring both Bitcoin ASIC miners and ASIC Scrypt miners to the market. They also have used this partnership to bring both Bitcoin and Litecoin mining to ZeusHash …
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ZeusMiner Expands Partnerships to Include ASICMiner, XBTec and Rockminer
ZeusMiner has recently been on a tear through the ASIC manufacturer industry first by striking up a deal with Rockminer and now by adding the respected ASICMiner and XBTec to the fold. ASICMiner is headed up by FriedCat and has brought the industry the …
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10 x Bitfury Twin Chip ASIC 4-5 Gh/s USB Miner

Deeplink Asic USB Miner:
Deeplink USB HUB:

Eyeboot Address:
13th Floor, Wah Yuen Building,
145 Queen’s Road,
Central, Hong Kong
Telephone: +852 26583050


Tags sha256 Asic miners:
AntMiner S1
AntMiner U1
AntMiner U2+
Avalon ASIC
Bitcoin Ultra Enigma 1
BFL SC 5Gh/s
BFL SC 10 Gh/s
BFL SC 25 Gh/s
BFL Little Single
BFL SC 50 Gh/s
BFL Single ‘SC’
BFL 230 GH/s
BFL 500 GH/s Mini Rig
BFL Monarch BPU 300 C
BFL Monarch BPU 600 C
BitFury S.B.

░░░░▄▄███▄▄░░░░░█████░ Avalon Clone 85GH
Black Arrow Prospero X-1
Black Arrow Prospero X-3
Blue Fury
Block Erupter Blade
Block Erupter Cube
Block Erupter Emerald 336
Block Erupter Sapphire 333
CoinTerra TerraMiner IV 2,000,000
CoinTerra GSX I
Coincraft Desk

HashBuster Micro
HashBuster Nano
HashCoins Apollo
HashCoins Hermes
HashCoins Poseidon 2
HashCoins Zeus
HashFast Baby Jet
HashFast Sierra
HashFast Sierra Evo 3
KnCMiner Mercury
KnC Saturn
KnC Jupiter
KnC Neptune
Metabank 120,000
Minerscube 5 – 5 Th/s
Minerscube 8.5 – 8.5 Th/s
Minerscube 15 – 15 Th/s
NanoFury / IceFury
NanoFury NF2
TerraHash Klondike 16
TerraHash DX Mini
TerraHash DX Large
Dragon bitcoin miner
Dragon T1 miner

Bitfury Twin Chip Asic 4-5 Gh/s USB Bitcoin Miner. -Asic mining-

eBay 10x bitfury:
– Each miner has two Bitfury Chips
– Hash rate speed of 4 gh/s
– Can be overclocked to 5 gh/s
– Power draw of 500mA compatible with USB 2 power specs
– FTDI USB-SPI bridge
– Powered by the USB port without any other power source
– Red heatsink to help miner cool
Software:Full software support in cgminer
Bfgminer support is under development
Operating Systems: Supports: Windows, Linux and Ubuntu
11cm x 4cm x 1.2cm
What you get:
10 x Twin Fury USB Miner 40-50 gh/s
1 x instructions to setup
1 x software
Tags: AntMiner, antminer performance, antminer power consumption, antminer power usage, AntMiner U1 overclock, antminer u1 performance, antmner overclocking, Bitmain AntMiner, Bitmain AntMiner U1
Tags 2: AntMiner thermal images, AntMiner U1, AntMiner U1 cooling, AntMiner U1 thermal images, bitcoin asic, Bitcoin USB ASIC, Bitmain, Bitmain AntMiner U1, Bitmain BM1360, BM1360, BTC ASIC, USB BTC ASIC

TerraHash to Provide a Hosted Bitcoin Mining Solution for $6/GHash in November

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) September 05, 2013

In a move to significantly reduce the costs for mining Bitcoins, TerraHash has announced a hosted solution of 2 PetaHash mining power at the rate of $ 6 per Giga Hash. The company will create a Bitcoin mining farm, and sell portions of the mining power to its customers.

Matt, the company spokesman explained, “We are in the final stages of signing a groundbreaking deal with a leading Bitcoin ASIC manufacturer. Leveraging their 28nm chip technology, we plan to host a mining farm starting with at least 2 PetaHash in November. Our customers will be able to buy blocks of 500 GigaHash of mining power for $ 3000 each. This will include all manufacturing and storage costs for hosting the equipment. Customers will pay a small monthly fee, which will cover electricity, maintenance etc. Our data center will have a 99.9999% up time guarantee. Being located in the Santa Clara county, we have access to some of the lowest cost of electricity. This allows us to create economies of scale for the mining world.”

Terming it as the next natural evolution of Bitcoin mining, he compared the plan with services provided by other cloud computing companies. “For instance, we have seen the computing industry evolve in a similar fashion. Initially, companies hosted their own servers in their offices. Then, we saw the emergence of data centers which provided with the optimum infrastructure to run your servers efficiently. Finally, a few major players (like Amazon, RackSpace) began providing the end user with the flexible concept of renting storage space, without being bound to the physical hardware. We expect a similar transition in the Bitcoin mining world,” he said.

At a time when most Bitcoin mining equipment manufacturers seem to be more focused on accumulating maximum pre-order money, TerraHash is once again planning an innovative strategy. They plan on only taking 25% of the money upfront, and the rest when the hardware is ready to be hosted. Pre-orders will open up this coming week, and mining is set to begin by end of November. The company also plans on offering an “insurance” plan for the customers, to cover up any potential delays in the timeline for mining.

Matt further said that, “We have learnt a lot from our experience assembling Avalon ASIC chips. Customers want a solution that can be delivered very fast, because of the ever increasing network difficulty. On the same hand, they do not want to risk a lot by investing in an unproven technology. By only demanding a 25% reservation fee, we are reducing their risk significantly.”

At $ 6 per GigaHash, the pricing is nearly half of the nearest competitor. Along with that, a November timeline would promise delivery much earlier than any other company. In an industry where time to delivery is the most critical element, TerraHash claims to be heading for the final evolution in Bitcoin mining.

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Black Arrow Taking Pre-Orders for the Prospero Bitcoin Mining Machines

Black Arrow Taking Pre-Orders for the Prospero Bitcoin Mining Machines
Black Arrow Ltd which has a proven track record in successfully manufacturing bespoke Bitcoin mining hardware at extremely competitive prices has announced that it has opened its web-store and now taking pre-orders for the Prospero Bitcoin Mining …

PayPal Steals Apple's Thunder: "We Can Spend Bitcoin With a Tap!"
In a surprise video posted to the official PayPal Youtube media channel, Paypal Voices presented what, at first, is a confusing video. Early on in the video, you'll hear phrases that you might not have ever expected to hear from PayPal in this century …
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Announcing Solar – A Step Change In Processing Capability
We were the first in the world to deliver 28nm and 20nm Bitcoin chip technology and we're still the only producer capable of delivering 20nm tech in the Bitcoin space. We've been aiming for the next step for some time and as the most important …
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