Unboxing Antminer S3+, Setup and Run

Unboxing, setup, and run of a BTC miner. Jump your PSU with a 24 pin meter and wire in parallel not series

Review of a Bitmain Antminer S5 with open box.SHA asic bitcoin miners and settings

These things run at 1150 Gh/s or better I am currently running at 1280 with no hw errors.


  • Sorry if I keep stopping. Do you mean when I’m talking? I quickly put this
    video together and didn’t bother worrying about the audio as much. Don’t
    worry you’re not missing anything, just usually the last word of the
    sentence. I apologize though, I’ll be mindful of that

  • Hello if I followed all your steps you showed in this video, would I get
    the same successful ending you had, because I am thinking of buying the
    Antminer S3 also. And can you please make a list of all items needed to
    make the Antminer working and connected to computer. Thanks

  • i am kind of a noob, lol, what d you mean by parallel?

  • How loud is the antminer s3 I’m thinking about setting it up in my room but
    I’m not sure if it’s to loud. 

  • My S5s wont turn on (I’ve tried 3 different PSUs, brand new) – am I missing
    something or do you just plug in the PCI-E 6 pins and flip the PSU switch?

  • Игорь Денисов

    Hello. Help me with the setting. I do everything as instructed. A manner is
    not connected to the pool, and does not show the processing speed. All the
    way prescribe correctly. Screenshots are included.

  • Great review, looking out for my own S5 which should arrive here on monday.

  • You mean Ghs?Right ?
    “These things run at 1150 watts or better” it consume 590w only and the
    speed is 1155Ghs.

  • What are you going to replace the fans with?

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