How to setup Rockminer R3 Asic Bitcoin Miner using raspberry pi

This video will teach you how to setup the Rockminer R3 Miner.

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  • Guadalupe Alvarado

    How do you set the thing up without a raspberry pi. I was told I could do
    that, but I have no files that came with the thing. No instructions! No

  • instead of command just type cmd on windows 7 if you have your taskbar
    right click on the icon it’s a black box with C:_ in it and pin to taskbar
    especially if you go in the DOS prompt for cgminer for your gridseeds or
    bitfury might work on the BAT file directly but don’t have 1 on bfgminer
    4.4.0 which I somehow got from multiminer cuz of the antminers I grabbed to
    start mining.

  • Can the software be used via wlan?

  • thinking about picking up two of these from you guys to save money. What
    all do they come with? Also if i connected the built in USB hubs to another
    USB hub then that hub into 1 RPI (1 pie for 2 miners) would there be any
    efficiency loss in regards to mining?

  • I would not say your true average is 510 GHS after 2 hours and 22 minutes
    of mining. If you pause the video at time stamp 17:09, you can see that the
    GHS for the past 5 seconds is 510. BUT, for the past 15 minutes it’s 477
    GHS, and for the total time it’s 475 GHS.

    I know that when you start up miners, they starts off slow because they are
    dialing in the difficulty setting (which will make it run slower the first
    hour than the second hour), but to only point out the “past 5 second
    average number” isn’t really fair either because that number can fluctuate
    quite a bit as the miner requests new work, or it’s working on the new work.

    A more fair way to report the mining speed of this unit is to let it run
    for a couple of hours (like you did) but then report the past 15 minute
    average number (477).

    I’d say after running for 2 hours and 22 minutes, that miner is mining at
    477 GHS.

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