Finally!! KNCminer Jupiter Unboxing and Setup

Find this and more great products @ Video of me opening and setting up my KNC Jupiter bitcoin miner. If I can do it, anyone can. If you like my video and it helped you set up your knc miner ASAP, please donate bitcoin.
Also, please contact me if you need further help. Ive learned a lot since Ive posted this.


OR Litecoin:


KNC firmware links:
.99 recommended with enable cores

KNCminer manual:

Putty link:

Disclaimer: Im in no way promoting mining or saying its a good investment. Any comments I make or advise I give is simply my opinion. Please do your own research, as I did, to come up with your own calculated risk assessment.

Temporary installation of my newly arrived KnC Miner Neptune.


  • I tried to install my btc guild information and also typed in the server
    details of btcguild, but it is not connecting. What’s wrong? I have used
    the “Failover” and not the “Load balance”. I tried the other way, but it
    did not connect. Please help.

  • Fernando Marchini Dias da Silva

    Seems to be a blower…

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