David’s KNC Miner 650GH. Team Korea

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한국의 BTCguild.com Team 을 소개합니다. “Team Korea” 로 오십시오.
여러분의 채굴 확률을 높혀 드립니다. 세계와 경쟁합시다. 독도를 알리기 위해 기금도 Bitcoin으로
만들것이고 Unicef 기금도 마련하려고 합니다.

David Bitcoin Address : 1CxxAxqAq2zvxY8N3EYtM3VHAxTuFFhA8Q

Alex Lawn, Spokesman for KnCMiner discusses his background, how he got involved in bitcoin, the complexities of how digital payments actually work, thoughts on the energy associated with mining bitcoins and the future of bitcoin as a disruptive payment network.

This interview is one in a series captured at the Media Bistro Inside Bitcoins Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, December 10th and 11th, 2013

The “Voices of the Bitcorati” Interview Series was inspired by the short educational videos produced by Big Think (www.bigthink.com). These Bitcorati interviews were created in an effort to promote the merits of Bitcoin, bitcoin thought leadership, and the people and organizations facilitating bitcoin adoption and acceptance around the world.

About Bitcorati

Bitcorati.com is a global directory and rating system for the people and businesses involved in Bitcoin. We help people discover, rate and review bitcoin merchants and help bitcoin businesses built trust, target and attract new customers. A hybrid of the word “Bitcoin” and “literati” Bitcorati represents a strong and growing community of great minds, thought leaders and entrepreneurs who are building the future of Bitcoin and digital, math-based currencies worldwide. We are the Bitcorati!

BitFury CEO: We're Not a Bitcoin Mining Company

BitFury CEO: We're Not a Bitcoin Mining Company
BitFury has dominated VC funding in the bitcoin mining vertical in what has so far proved to be a year shaped by big fundraising announcements. At press time, BitFury accounts for 65% of all investments made in mining companies so far this year, and …
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Bitcoin Mining Company BitFury to Acquire Allied Control For Immersion Cooling
Valery Vavilov, BitFury CEO, recently told me in a one on one interview at TNABC (The North American Bitcoin Conference) in Miami that he believes in the technology of the blockchain. He sees the infrastructure that has been built up around it as …
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Interview With BitFury CEO Valery Vavilov: New Bitcoin ASIC Chips On the Horizon
BitFury has been on a roll this year with over $ 40 million in venture capital funding, as well as the addition of Jonathan Teo and Dr. Jackson Hu to their Strategic Advisory Board. To top it all off they added President and Chief Strategy Officer for …
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Rockminer Rocket RK-BOX 450 – 480 GH/s Miner Raspberry Pi Setup Guide

This video will teach you how to setup the Rockminer “Rocket” RK-BOX.

Raspberry Pi Software Download

Win32 Disk Imager

In-stock with immediate shipping:

Ebay: http://r.ebay.com/TEuePB

Online shop (cheaper):

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/shop/eyeboot

Judge allows Butterfly Labs to reopen

Judge allows Butterfly Labs to reopen
Based in Leawood, Butterfly Labs builds Bitcoin mining hardware to perform complex, energy-demanding calculations that lead the to creation of Bitcoin. These machines literally create the cryptocurrence, but at $ 22,484 for a 500 GH miner in late 2013 …
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FTC Shuts Down Butterfly Labs… Finally
Butterfly Labs, a failed Bitcoin miner manufacturer, has been shut down by the Federal Trade Commission. According to a statement published on the regulator's website, the FTC shut down Butterfly Labs pursuant to a court order obtained from a court in …
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Butterfly Labs Company Video

A video tour of Butterfly Labs office and production facility in Kansas. Butterfly Labs manufactures a line of high speed encryption processors for use in bitcoin mining, research, telecommunication and security applications.

Excerpt from Let’s Talk Bitcoin – Episode 34 (http://letstalkbitcoin.com/e34-bitcoin-and-the-butters)

Finally!! KnCMiner Jupiter Bitcoin Miner UNBOXING and FIRST LOOK!

Find this and more great products @ http://www.bitminingshop.com The time has finally to do the Super Secret Special Unboxing. It is of a KnCMiner Jupiter. This is a special computer that mines Bitcoins and other cryptographic currencies. So, yes, this thing makes money. A lot of money. You can buy one at one of the links here:


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Also, if you dont know what Bitcoin is, heres a video: www.bitminingshop.com

Also, this is just a really fast computer using what is called ASIC technology. This means it can only mine SHA-256d coins, such as Bitcoin and PPcoin.

Thank you so much for watching! A full review of this miner will be coming in 2-3 days. So, make sure you Subscribe and Like the video, as I put a lot of hard work into making this happen. 🙂

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Spondoolies-Tech Introduces SP20-Jackson 1.7 th/s for Home Miners
Spondoolies-Tech is releasing a new miner named the SP20-Jackson that will start shipping in October. They are doing this to help fill the gap in the mining industry for the home and smaller mining farm market. Many companies have become sensitive …
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Spondoolies-Tech Enters Cloud Mining Partnering With Genesis Mining
Spondoolies-Tech is entering the cloud mining market by joining forces with Genesis Mining. The news is big as Guy Corem of Spondoolies has been very vocal about many cloud mining companies being a scam. Guy also does not believe in self-mining as …
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