Unboxing BTC Miner 1.7 Th/s Spondoolies SP20 and Setup

Round two upgrade of my bitcoin mining operation. Slowly building that farm up!

UCoustic 24U Active Maple Wood Rack Cabinet with Bitcoin miners inside:
KnCMiner Jupiter (October version)
Spondoolies-Tech SP10 Dawson
Butterfly Labs 7 GH/s Bitcoin Miner (“Jalapeño”)
9x ASICMINER Block Erupter USB


  • Roberto Scarsella

    Peter, just a question, I would like to buy the sp20. I haven’t understood
    if the power unit is included into the shipping or I have to buy it
    separately. can you help me please?

  • dude who is paying for your electricity to run these miners?

  • Hi there Peter, I`m buying my first Miner and noise is a big issue for me
    and the people Im living with. I can`t seem to find anywhere the noise
    comparison between the SP20 Jackson and the Bitmain S5… I need to go with
    the one that produces less noise between them because if not, Im going to
    have to take them out and find somewhere else to install them which is a
    bit difficult for me at the moment

    Could you give me a hand please?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Christiaan Botha

    Did you break even with the system yet?

  • Vivek Pothagoni

    Peter, I order new sp20 and zps 1600, I will receive both devices by
    tomorrow. You have same devices, can you suggest best setting for mining.
    Thanks in advance 

  • You should not be running sensitive electronics on such dirty power. A
    hairdryer, brownouts, air conditioner compressors create many fluctuations
    and dirty frequencies. This will destroy the unit. Use a UPS to filter.
    Take care of your investment. That port is for serial interface. Not direct
    connection to your modem.

  • Laurens Wissels

    Hey great video but i want to get in to bitcoin mining and i want to buy
    the same miner as you have the sp20 buth i don’t understand how you link it
    up to your pc so here are my questions:
    1 How do you connect your miner to your pc?
    2 What software are you using?
    3 How much money do you make with it in a month?
    4 Witch power supply is that?
    i like it if you want to respond on this and i love to see more of you’re

  • ¿How many time do you waited for it? How many cryptocoins cand you mine
    with this machine (i want to mine doge,lite and peercoin too,plus bitcoin
    and use each machine for each coin) And if it dont,do you know what kind of
    miner do i need for that? 

  • Great video! You should really think about doing like a mini-script even if
    it is just an unboxing. I think it would really help get the viewers more
    entertained and at the same time shorten the video a little bit. I hope you
    keep uploading as you buy more tech :)

  • Great Review Pal!
    Next time try to cut less the video, just a tip… Thank you.

  • Joshua Echeverri

    Got lucky and was just at the north american bitcoin conference in miami
    beach this weekend and bought one for $400 and $50 for a psu they had with
    them. How long before I break even? How much USD can you pull down with
    this daily? In today’s numbers like what, $20 – $30? 

  • Hello Peter.. Would you please tell me about this miner? how many bitcoin
    Can it produces per month? i’m interested to have it between Antminer &
    ZeusMiner.. thanks for your help+answer.. bcoz right now, you must have
    mined more than 2months :)

  • Catalin Hrubaru

    hey, can you tell me what the USB port is for? is it possible to connect a
    mobile internet with simcard to it?

  • it can be controlled by USB?

  • Laurens Wissels

    Why dont you mind litecoins they are easyer to mine and they are worth alot
    more and wath is the best mining hardware for litecoins?

  • George Davidson

    So how many $ do you make a day or week?

  • Where did you buy the miner from?

  • how do you sleep?

  • Can you Also line litecoin with this?

  • Amazing!

  • Awesome, thank you so much !

  • Thank you for the video.Why you breath so heavily when bending down ?

  • Thank you for the reply. Do you know by any chance how much this acoustic
    enclosure worths?
    Thank you.

  • mušan hafizmulahadžibegović

    is this better than silentium ?

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