CEX.IO Suspends Cloud Mining Services

CEX.IO Suspends Cloud Mining Services
UK based cloud mining and exchange, CEX.IO announced a temporary suspension of their cloud mining services this week, citing the recent drop in Bitcoin's price and the increase in difficulty as the reason why. Officially announcing the changes on their …
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RBS entwickelt Blockchain Proof-Of-Concept
Die Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) plant Anfang 2016 die Demonstration eines Proof-Of-Concept (Machbarkeitsanalyse) auf Blockchain-Basis. John Lyons ist „Head of Strategy and Commercial Services“ für den Zahlungsverkehr von RBS. Er sprach mit …
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What Is 21.co Really Building? An Excerpt From Digital Gold
Many ambitious companies like Hashfast and Cointerra, which were started by high level engineers, neared bankruptcy. This didn't stop 21e6, which rolled out its second generation chip, known as Gandalf, and was already working on a third generation …
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Latest ButterflyLabs News

Butterfly Labs Unveils 600 GH/s Bitcoin Miner
Butterfly Labs, makers of specialty Bitcoin-mining machines, just announced the Butterfly Labs Monarch, an insanely powerful new ASIC at CES 2014. This machine can mine at a whopping 600 GH/s while using 350 W of power. Despite it's hefty $ 2196 price …
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300 complaints filed with Federal Trade Commission against Butterfly Labs
For more than a year, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) received hundreds of complaints regarding the peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency bitcoin and one business that dealt with the virtual currency. Perhaps this will be the final instance …
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Butterfly Labs Offers Updates on Monarch Miner, Could Be Shipping Soon
The miner comes in the form of a PCI card, and according to information on the Butterfly Labs website, hashes at 600 GH/s whilst consuming 350 watts of power. It is priced at $ 2,196. “I will post another update as soon as I hear back from the testing …
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Obama Doesn't Want You to Have A Swiss Bank in Your Wallet
Apple and FBI have squabbled over the information relating to the murder of fourteen US citizens in a terrorist attack in San Bernardino early this year. Just Yesterday, the Justice Department stated that Apple Inc. has used “false” arguments to avoid …
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Bitcoin Core Launches Social Media Presence
January 23, 2016 – Bitcoin Core launches Social media accounts as well as a public Slack in an attempt to interface more directly with the community. This follows a controversial hashing algorithm change proposal that could have made bitcoin less …
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'A Strong Stench of Fraud': Butterfly Labs Allegedly Buys Buttcoin.org
Recently evidence has begun to emerge that ButterFly Labs may have purchased ButtCoin.org, a website that satirizes Bitcoin, about two months ago. In order to understand why this might be the case, let's take a step back and look at how we got to this …
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Butterfly Labs Faces Class Action Suit Over Pre-Pay Orders
Bitcoin miner maker Butterfly Labs (BFL) is facing a class action suit, brought by customers from across the US. The class action was filed through Wood Law Firm LLC by a group of BFL customers challenging the sales and advertising practices of the …
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Butterfly Labs Monarch miner announcement angers customers

Image by davispuh
Butterfly Labs 25 GH/s Bitcoin Miner
BitForce Little Single SC

Butterfly Labs Monarch miner announcement angers customers
Butterfly Labs has announced a new PCI bitcoin mining card, named Monarch, based on the new 28nm technology. Butterfly Labs claims the Monarch will achieve 600 GH/s and consume 350W. The release has courted controversy with customers who are …
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BitBeat: BitFury Raises Million in Latest Fundraising Round
There's been a shake-up in the mining industry over the past year, as the costs of the mining arms race, as well as the missteps typical in a nascent industry, have crushed a number of players, like CoinTerra, Aquifer, BitMine and Butterfly Labs. Mr …
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News & Analysis Bitcoin ASIC in Chips-to-$ Race
CUPERTINO, Calif. – In eight short months, startup CoinTerra designed a 28nm ASIC that pushes the envelope in logic power density and shipped a system using four of them. Its tale is typical of the headlong race to hardware acceleration in the emerging …
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US and World Stock Markets Chartology

US and World Stock Markets Chartology
Back in the spring of this year the SPX built out a H&S consolidation pattern which reached its price objective at the black arrow. As I have shown you on the long term charts for gold and silver you can extend the neckline out into the future and it's …
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Pterosaurs Were on the Menu For Ancient Fish and Dinosaurs
The black arrows point to pterosaur bone fragments in its rib cage. The white arrow points to its own broken rib. Alas, the backstory of this fossil probably does not involved a dramatic fight, though as Brian Switek writes at Dinosaur Tracking, it …
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World War 3 preppers: Military encounters increasing between Russia and West
World War Three has been predicted to happen for over a century. Conspiracy theorists have predicted a surprisingly detailed and shockingly accurate timeline of events. Are we finally entering the Third World War? on.aol.com. There seems to be a rather …
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New KnCMiner Data Center Will Be Up and Running Within Four Weeks
KnCMiner is one of the most prominent companies in the Bitcoin mining scenes, and they have gotten a lot of attention in recent years. Additionally, the company has seen its fair share of success, and KnCMiner data centers have been erected in multiple …
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Jon Hykawy of Stormcrow Capital: Lithium Market in a 'Precarious Position'

Jon Hykawy of Stormcrow Capital: Lithium Market in a 'Precarious Position'
At this year's Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada conference (PDAC), Jon Hykawy of Stormcrow Capital provided a brief overview of the critical materials involved in the lithium-ion battery supply chain. During his talk, he covered …
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OpEd: In Butterfly Labs Case, FTC Shows Little Regard For Bitcoiners
They used customer equipment to mine their own bitcoin, spent pre-order funds on saunas and guns, used hardware to mine their own bitcoins before sending them out and a variety of other things that didn't contribute towards fulfilling their customer's …
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