Ethereum Crashing and Ice Age – Programmer explains

Seems like everything is crashing, Bitcoin is crashing, Ethereum is crashing, Litecoin is crashing etc. But let’s not forget the developments of Ethereum and why the Ice Age is important! What is Ice Age to begin with? You will learn it today!

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


  • Ivan look very carefully into PETRO, they claim that it will be backed by oil which indeed Venezuela has as they have the biggest proven oil reserve in the world. BUT must oil refineries in Venezuela are not even 50% functional, the Amuay refinery is quite a good example, plus all 4 major drills in the country are damaged… so yes the Petro is backed by oil, but oil that has not even been or for that matter will be able to be extracted from the ground any soon

  • Look forward to you speaking with Richard

  • Highly appreciate the quality of content and the manner and pace of delivery. I learnt quite a few things. Thanks !!

  • Hi Ivan, Could you plz provide the source of the details you presented in the video.

  • Anonymous Truther

    Ivan Security coins could replace shares because is seems that shares are being duplicated several times. When this goes mainstream the stock markets will crash.

  • MeTube on the blockchain Red_IT_Fox

    Are you biased on Bitcoin? you seam to pump it a little despite some obvious problems: centralization in china, low adoption on sigwit, flowed scalability solution – lighthing network – cannot really work and is centralized, and all the other much better from a technical perspective that could overtake bitcoin at any time… Most vocal people on internet are Bitcoin holders interested in speculation and not in technology… since Bitcoin is the least developed technologically

  • what do you think about Iexc. They claim to provide cloud computing power for multiple numbers of blockchains. Also, they claim that they can increase the scalability for the currently existing blockchains

  • In my opinion, right now, at this point in time, education is far more important than adoption. We need more people who understand as a proportion of all users. Right now it takes a week or a few days from knowing nothing to having your money on an exchange. But it takes months to learn about crypto how it works, the hype, the fud etc. I think part of the crash was too many people not knowing what they were into. And what we're getting out of it is a more mature and more conscious public (maybe not as educated as Ivan, but better understanding of what's what).

  • I want to see you interview Vitalik in Russian.

  • Your videos are way too long man

  • Awesome vid!! Keep it up, just like always <3

  • Proof of stake mining is great for 1%: a rothchild trillionaire could come in and take over all mining aspects of the coin and kill the coin if they want EOS to take over. They can cause crash and win on the ups and downs since they will control the market 1%. Not only with coins but with mining as well; which could cause a bitconnect type issue. Really at the end of the day, centralized power still controls everything since rothchilds banking system is in almost every country; thus, peons will get hit by every pump and dump.

  • Does it mean if I am holding ETH. I will keep losing value because of these hard forks. Not only ETH this hard Fork thing could effect the value of any coin ????? correct me if I am wrong

  • Please, Ivan. You need to reduce the input gain of your microphone. It overloads constantly when you're raising your voice. Annoying.

    Great work you're doing here! Regards from germany.

  • why do you put a picture and you are in a tiny window speaking? makes s4ense

  • Hi all, I am a homeless person that has been believing in bitcoin and cryptocurrency for a while now. I just make sure my mobile phone has enough money to go online and make sure I can charge my phone so I can follow this revolution. It is amazing. Although I only have put in 100 usd in the market, I am so excited about the whole evolution. I did not make any money yet due to the recent crash, but it is only part of the evolution, that is what I believe. I hope I can win this next gift as it will double my worth. But trust me, this is the revolution that potentially can make everybody rich an independent from all banks. I only have an ETH address. 0x2f166fc601BFE5A53fd35D8c696118600e28cfD8

  • just checking, but do you think prove of stake can scale?
    meaning, if you have 10x more cash you have 10x more rewards,
    if a government or central bank comes in, they have 90% of the wealth,
    thats like 1000x more than any individual can ever dream to have…. then the rewards will just be pointless for the small holders….
    prove of work has unique limitations when it comes to nations… there jsut so much gpus that can be made at a time vs. printed cash…. there is so much electircity you can use before it becomes to expensive and balance has to be found…
    i think prove of stake will just tip the balance to the top 10% even mayb 1%..
    correct me if im wrong…

  • ts just not correct to say that a PoW attacker "only" risks his electricity, you also risk all the blockrewards! By comparison, Im not sure yet how ethereum will handle nothing at stake attacks, where a successful attack automatically means no penalty at all.

  • Hey Ivan, super interested in your course on Academy Ivan on Tech… just wondering upon completion of the course will you be issuing certificates?     I feel your course is quite comphrehensive and of great value, however, if I want to draw upon this knowledge in the form of a resume or cover letter it will be pertinent to reference an actual certification.

  • Negan AlbionOnline

    what about Centralization due to POS? or overall blockchain security? POS is nice on paper but POW is more secure and more descentralized

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