Ethereum Will Pass Bitcoin in April 2018

Ethereum (ETH) will pass Bitcoin in April 2018 but how long will that last? Why April? How will Ethereum overtake bitcoin?

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  • You said you are in spain right now? But your background is the same as sone other past vdos you have there??

  • low level intellect with poor analysis

  • Watch at 1.25x speed

  • What if neo does it first

  • Ethereum is a good long term investment. The use cases and companies involved makes sense to at least go to 5k this year on the low end

  • What is your suggestion for a beginner? Should i put 10k in etherium and sell when its almost at the top this year or better 5k in bitcoin and hope that it will reach 50k and also 5k in etherium.
    I also consider neo.

    Thanks for your opinion!

    If i earn this year enough we can meet here in the austrian mountains!

  • Tedious, dim, and factually inaccurate.
    Other than that the video was OK – but far too long.

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