Whats Most Profitable? Antminer S9, L3+,D3, or GPU Rig? ASIC Mining Showdown!

So you are looking at Getting in to Mining Cryptocurrency but you are not sure which is the best to buy? The Bitmain Antminer S9, D3, L3+ or maybe get a GPU mining Rig? Will here i will break out the profits from each, which one i recommend, which coin you should mine. And How much Power it will cost. Lets see how a ASIC Miner Stacks up against a GPU Miner.

The Software i used was: http://www.awesomeminer.com/

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  • What hardware are using to rate that $$? (I know things change but how mutch do you invested to reach that $ p day?

  • Great video…. Subscribed

  • ordered 3 L3's on the 18th of november 2017 and profit pm on nice hash was $880. down to $304 pm now..is that because of the difficulty increase and or because of the drop in litecoin price? what is the forecast for the future on the L3's profitability? im very worried as they were the most profitable. i could have bought 4 S9's with the same amount of money..not looking good. advice?

  • Nicehash hacked!

  • One way to potentially save on electricity that I haven't seen mentioned on any mining videos is to check with your power company about a Demand Meter. They are billed at a different rate which is based on your peak demand instead of just your usage. This results in a savings if you're using a lot of power but since these typically go into commercial installations, they may not be available for a residence.

    We have one on our house and we stagger inrush events which occur when you start a clothes dryer for example, so we never run multiple high-draw appliances at the same time to avoid spiking our peak demand. The benefit is that we're able to run our A/C down in the 60's in the summer, and our electric bill for a 2500 sq ft home is less than $150 per month and less than $80 in the winter months.

  • lol BTC is now 17k, you came up bro

  • Very informative video thank you.

  • Can you avoid interuption because of constant IP address by running IP vanish and set it to change IP addresses every x hours

  • chukwuladi sampson

    pls can a L3 mined bitcoin or its just for litecoin…can a s9 mined litecoin or its just for bitcoin

  • Nicehash have been hacked and lost $70m

  • I wouldn't waste your time. Buy the time you actually get a mining rig it will lose to difficulty. Good luck.

  • Hi! I really appreciate your work, very useful information! Thank you for that! Can you please tell me what you think about Genesis Hardware? Is it a trustworthy site to buy Antminer from? Or can you point me the best sites to buy antiminer from? Thanks a lot!

  • Nice video thanks but S9 do it make more money than D3 or??

  • Really great presentation and info. Thanks for this.

  • Hey suggest any one for profit

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