• Please why the MUSIC?.. can you explain with audio what you're doing on the computer

  • How do you find out the IP address of the miner's web interface?

  • I want to hear the sound, how loudf is it

  • Photographystudies

    I received mine. I’m getting around 90 a day. Feel free to message me if you get more with it or have questions about these guys.

  • Alex Baranovski

    "Miner down" – Miner: 111 Connection refused
    Can you help, please????

  • Chanasorn Sajjaphooriphoom

    need assistance have difficulty in setting ip address.once plug the Baikal gaint in cant setup find the IP

  • TheCannabisWhisperer

    I received the Giant B from these guys. They are NOT a scam however they do do much for reassurance prob because they don’t have anyone who replies in the customers language. Thanks to asic miner market


  • Northern Virgina Homes Active Tours

    I'm confused on what pool to mine in etc? Any other option besides Nicehash? Thanks
    Looks like many Decred? Anyone know the pool and settings to use?

  • You fuckers ha e had everyone's miners for awhile and your running them and now you decide to ship after you made a killing and profitability dropped. Scumbags…..

  • This is not a scam but they dont respond on mail that's true. I juste reveveid my baikal giant b yesterday.

  • notta gonnatell

    This machine has already lost most of it's profit. It currently sits at 100 a day (down from 500+ a day) and they haven't even released the main batch of miners, as only a select few get them first. When all said and done you will get your miners that you paid 20k for and will be getting less than the giant x10 which cost 1400. Don't make armature mistakes the only profitable algo on this miner is lbry which will be slammed even harder in a few weeks. It will takes years to recoup your investment. Invest wisely…

  • Here's an update on my order.
    They cancelled my invoices and ignore me for weeks.
    Then yesterday they respond saying they have em in stock for 20k.
    Thats almost 3x what my invoices were for.

  • 1 legit Websites for you guys! I bought 3 Miners from here. They have good prices too.

  • bro wtf 20k are you out of your got damn mind they 12k

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