Ethereum Has Published Casper, IOTA Lands A Major Partner & “There Will Be A Global Cryptocurrency”

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  • I love your longer vids 🙂

  • Igor Balanovski

    Give up on blockchain, it is unsustainable, not secure to 51% attacks from miners. Blockchain will become obsolete soon as IOTA is faaaar ahead from most cryptocurrencies. IOTA is the new generation Distributed ledger technology based on Tangle

  • The longer the video, the better.!

  • Лиза Андруз

    Just started a free demo on ExpertOption and I like it so far Probably will go for the real account

  • I'm a fan of the longer videos. Thanks for your efforts.

  • "Not to talk down to any institution or government authority" …. may be interrupted as "fuck the man!!"

  • Damn that ending was smooth!

  • the one world currency? Cardano. see ya there in less than 5 years! 🙂

  • I love the meatiness of your videos, please keep at it because it is better to receive a more holistic view of the market on a day to day basis than just an overview/highlights. This is also better for us "first time" investors because we learn so much more this way. Those who can't stomach it can find another source, we won't hold anything against them.

    Enjoy your day wherever you are and enjoy whatever you might be doing…. See you 😉

  • The other guy is "Ray Dalios"

  • Hi

    Can you do a video review on apollo currency

  • I like the longer format.

  • If people have a problem with the length of the video they can listen to 1.5 – 2x speed. Appreciate the great content day after day.

  • Thanks for the all the news, keep up the good job

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