Ethereum is THE BEST – says Chinese Government?

Ethereum ranked as the best crypto by Chinese Government? Buffet gets trolled by Genesis Mining, Banks moving into crypto faster than we think.

Banks Will Start Trading Crypto Sooner Than You Think – Former JP Morgan Executive

Warren Buffet Trolled for His Cryptocurrency Remarks

China Rates Ethereum As The Best Cryptocurrency In The World, Bitcoin Halfway Down The List

Ethereum voted number 1 by CCID! from ethereum

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


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  • Mario Passendorf

    Do not sell your Ethereum lower than 750$ , at end of this Year 1500$ is very possible.

  • Alejandro Avila

    Goooooood stuff!

  • Hey Ivan, what do think about NEO? I noticed you removed NEO smart contracts from your course curriculum…

  • scaling imo is the reason bitcoin so low, when scaling is addressed it may move on this list

  • Bitcoin ranked 13th,maybe even though it is the most secure blockchains we have ,it has been reduced to ownership of its mining and 90% is being done in china .Cant survive long term without cheap power ,maybe that increases its vulnerability to ranking .Like they say it is decentralized but its not because it can be held up ,turned off possibly ,controlled and transaction blocks varied by these chinese miners .any thoughts on that ?

  • Concernig to the ranking. China has a massiv problem of people bringing money out of the country through cryptocurrencys. Which might also be a big part of last years bull market. Maybe they now have realised that cryptos are a runaway so that this ranking is intended just to get more control over the situation. It is politically motivated and from a govermental authority. It is devoid of logic maybe it is even just written down without any evaluation, any scientivic research, due diligence a.s.o.. As said by Ivan we don't know the background and the basis's are not shown, we can not read any detailed paper. Why are there only the bigger coins, why re-rating in such a short interval, why are some coins more innovativ than others but the technology is ranked lower. All be very carefull of rankings done by national authoritys especially from autocracies.

  • Bitshares!

  • alex mazal- nirexpress123

    East or West – etherium is the best πŸ™‚

    Aaaand i smashed the like!

  • I agree with that list. Bitcoin too expensive and risky. other cryptos (Stellar, Eth …) can be lucrative in short time trading.

  • smash…better late then never πŸ™‚ hehe

  • Smashing the like button! πŸ˜€

  • Eutherium is still under work !!! Eutherium is still not have full value !!!

  • I can't believe as a "tech" analyst you think that BTC and ETH are #1 & #2. One is a dinosaur network and the other is broken. How can you say this to people Ivan?

  • ETH is broken technology. I don't understand what's going on…

  • Just joined your coding course Ivan. Im excited to get started!

  • This narrative is naive. It presumes that banks and financial institutions do not know about adaption or about business risk and myopic vision. They are experts in it. This is why CocaCola brought into orange juice. The play for the ICE providers was to use their capital to buy into refrigeration. In the 1920's the play for trains was to buy into roads and then buy into airplanes. These guys already know about what to do and the banks and financial institutions have been here for years already. They are the ones controlling the market IMO.

  • The worse thing people can do is put a lot of their money in Ethereum as an investment, because of it's bugs and high potential of being hacked, which is why it wasn't intended to be used as a currency. Ethereum just had a virus in it, I wont be surprised if it already has a trojan horse in it and the people behind it are just waiting for the price to go up before they rob everyone, if (when) that happens Ethereum will become the Bernie Madoff of crypto and it might be the biggest rip off in the history of finance.

    Another thing is China shouldn't be trusted now, because of the trade war and potential WW3, they may be saying this to get people to throw their money in Ethereum because they know its not meant to be used a store of value or currency. China is known for attacking governments economically, its how they got a slight upper hand on America. For the reason I believe you should do the opposite and just be safe by just buying and investing in BITCOIN (BTC).

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