Review of the RavenCoin WhitePaper with discussion points

Watch @ 1.5x + to cut through it quickly… This is a recast from Twitch Stream a month ago where I walk through the RavenCoin WhitePaper a day after it was released. I offer my own analysis and try to explain some of the concepts they mention in the paper.

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  • Michael LaMorte

    A point you missed. Overstock is funding development through Medici Ventures.

  • Nicholas Aranda

    Is RavenCoin forking?

    Is it 1:1 swap?

    I have like 21 RVN right now.

  • Paolo Marinelli

    in my opinion ravencoin looks a good coin, I mine it lately but the biggest mid-long term problem is that the word "raven" will never be credible. it is very stupid name for something that aspires to be considered a serious currency.
    rebrand this name please, and the coin will surely earn credibility

  • Great content as always thank you very much . I only started mining rvn after seeing your first videos about it and it's been more profitable then anything else especially once cryptobridge adopted the coin and it was up to 700 satoshis for each rvn. Now it's down around 400 rvn per but still worth it thanks bro

  • Colors look really fringed. But good talk. Thanks.

  • Great breakdown on the powerpoints. Thanks brother!

  • Man you are top a top knottch youtube reviewer for sure, watched many of your videos! You make sure to hit every detail and aspect, got me quite interested in Raven myself currently.

    Aside from your video about the Monero fork… I dont see you really talk much about privacy coins. Are you interested in them? I personally feel like they are the future of CryptoCurrency. Bitcoin was originally built to be Decentralized and Anonymous. Its fallen way short of being anonymous and can be eaisly traced to whoever sent the bitcoin.

    This is where I feel privacy coins pick up the slack… Monero and Dash and Verge are out dated dinosaurs at this point yet the first two are worth hundreds.

    There's tons of new privacy coins coming out, NAVCoin, XSPEC, BitcoinPrivate.. already have ZCoin, ZeroCoin, Zoin….last but not least DeepOnion. All of these coins are way undervalued with the upgraded technologies of the current high value privacy coins. DeepOnion in particular employs privacy features topping EVERY other privacy coin, leaving 100% untraceable transactions. Stealth Addresses implemented TODAY!

    It would be awesome to see a DeepOnion whitepaper readout and review from you, again I love all your works Bits be Trippin!


  • Thanks for ur videos. Really appreciate ur efforts

  • thanx for the late post

  • Schmonkee Shomky

    Raven Coins biggest issue is its name. Every person I tell about raven that’s into crypto has the same off putting reaction. It needs to be rebranded. The whole game of thrones thing forced it into meme territory. A serious project named after a tv show bird? Imagine hogwarts owl coin. Meme.

    First impressions.

  • the gama is killing me 🙂 still gonna watch it

  • Jonathan Langford

    It'll have to be mined with ASICs at some point.

    You can have billions of dollars in assets without the security offered by ASICs.

    GPU hashrate is simply too low

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