Binance Rumors Debunked! ZCash Hard Fork | Nexus AMA | SegWit Adoption | $BNB $ZEC $NXS $ENG

CZ debunks rumors of being shut down, ZCash has a its first hard fork, NexusEarth AMA, France loves crypto, Google blockchain, could Enigma save the blockchain, and the return of Crypto Kitties???

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4:42 Binance (BNB) shuts down rumors
5:50 Segwit adoption
8:40 Nexus (NXS) AMA
10:00 Zcash (ZEC) hard fork
12:58 French Finance Minister supports ICOs
14:28 Google has their own blockchain plans
16:00 Enigma (ENG) could help solve blockchain privacy
19:58 The Return of Crypto Kitties! (Ethereum ETH)

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Watch this video again because it’s awesome:

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