RavenCoin Followup – Is it Profitable? nVidia vs. AMD

This is a followup to my previous video about RavenCoin’s profitability for miners. Many nVidia owners commented that their results were much better, so I did some additional experimenting and wanted to provide an update including my results. Long story short, the nVidia GPUs are much better at X16r algorithm than the AMD GPUs I tested.

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  • Callum Robertson

    For anybody checking out RVN for mining, it might be worthwhile having a look at Evocation Network. It's a really small pool around 20 people mining. It has one of the best UI's out there and has a really low pool fee of 0.1%. We have been lucky and hitting blocks more frequently now. If you want to check it out here is the URL: http://www.evocation.network

  • I've got an 8 1070ti rig set up and one day a week I let it mine just raven, getting 15.05 a day at current prices. My 8 Vega 56 rig and my RX580 rig do just as poorly as yours.

  • You don't realize the reasoning behind this coin, ico/premine/dev etc, open source as well. Get some info before you post a vid? Your AMD miner isn't even set up to mine, kh/s? dude come on.

  • Viking- -Crypto

    you realy need to learn more about erc20 and what ETH was built fore. Open source softwere tend to be used for unintend things

  • Try it out with the ccminer/enemy miner… I am getting from 14-18mhs per 1080ti

  • Your AMD Rig must be set up embarrassingly wrong!!!!!!! hahahhaha The AMD cards are pretty close to the Nvidia cards in Mega Hash speed, BUT they draw more power.

  • Profitability really depends on when you started mining and the current price. The price needs to be above 4 cents for it to be profitable for me currently at this rate…

  • Martijn Schillhorn

    when you set the intensity to 21 (-I 21) you get about 6 MH/s on an RX 580 wich is really profitable

  • 8 minute video on Raven and not 1 mention on the importance of the algo…. maybe do your homework before professing about new crypto. Your tone decries this is just another clone coin …. why no mention of what x16r represents? Disservice to your viewers.

  • Lost your credibility with me, making stacks of RVN coin. Original Bitcoin developers working on this project. Please watch the Dev conference.

  • You rock Goose. Love your videos sir. Thank you for taking time to do this.

  • You just gained me as a new subscriber! By the way, the reason people love Ravencoin it's because of it's ASIC resitance, which keeps the big ASIC mega-farms like Bitmain from controlling all the voting power. ASIC is very wasteful and harmful to the environment. RVN uses less power and if it goes the way of the dodo, all the GPU's will still be useful in scientific research, rendering and other useful things. However, Litecoin, Siacoin, and many others , if they become unprofitable to mine… all those ASIC's sitting in mega-farms and warehouses? They all end up on a landfill somewhere. Another reason to like Ravencoin, it is OPEN SOURCE. There was no founders reward, no initial coin offering. It is being funded and supported by Overstock.com's founder and CEO. Patrick Byrne

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