Decline of the US and the rise of Europe, IPBC Global – 2016

With the trend firmly in favour of Europe, IAM looks at the US and what market still needs to do to “get it right”; and Europe – what it needs to do in order to maximise its full potential. Featuring contributions from Murali Dharan (CEO, IP Value), David Kappos (Former Under Secretary of Commerce for IP), Charles Clark (Global Head of IP, Edwards Ltd), Brian Hinman (CIPO, Royal Philips), Malcolm Meeks (VP & Head of IP, France Brevets) and Phyllis Turner-Brim (Chief IP Counsel, Intellectual Ventures).

IPBC Global is the leading conference focusing on Intellectual Property value creation. IPBC Global addresses issues at the cutting edge of IP value creation and management. It brings together acknowledged IP decision-makers, aggregation firms, senior executives, investors, private practice lawyers from around the world in an atmosphere specifically designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences. Visit for more information.

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