How to Update RavenCoin Wallet to New One with Assets on TestNet

Video showing how to Update RavenCoin Wallet to New One with Assets on TestNet. If you are interested in the Testnet mode so you can play with making assets before the real one launches. Note, this wallet can run in either regular mode or testnet mode. Thus, there is NOT 2 wallets. Again, with this update you will be able to access your current coins. You are NOT wiping the current install but simply replacing the RavenQT.exe file.

1. Download the new wallet file.
2. Unzip the Download
3. Back up current wallet and folders. Optionally can export private keys
4. Find location of the Raven-qt.exe
5. Replace the Raven-qt.exe file with the new one
6. Remember, new wallet will function in 2 modes
a. Regular Mode (real coins)
b. Testnet Mode
7. Create Bat file to activate wallet in TestNet Mode
Command for .BAT File
raven-qt.exe -testnet
8. Run Wallet in desired mode

New Wallets
64Bit Direct Download

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