Zcoin Interview With COO January 2019

Featherhead Crypto Interview / Q & A with Zcoin Chief Operating Officer Reuben Yap.
January 2019

Zcoin (XZC) Private Financial Transactions Enabled by the Zerocoin Protocol

Intro and exit videos created by Brendan Kittredge from http://www.estate-productions.com/
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  • 10th subscriber:-)
    Great interview.

  • African Refugee

    Thanks for hosting such an informative interview. Zcoin is a very interesting and promising project I have been studying for a few months now. I'm encouraged to hear from the COO that the wallet is still a major priority for the team, as the current wallet presents a steep learning curve which I think is a barrier for adoption. Everything is very solid on their tech and I can tell they have a clear vision going forward. Good luck with your channel — subscribed!

  • Great video. Really enjoyed it.

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