Big Event Coming! Globalist Agenda Failing Now 5g Drones To Beam Down

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  • steven boitnott

    I will stand up for freedom and liberty

  • This is why FB is dang…..!
    Only for those seeking to know the truth.

  • I understand some only a couple vaccines are necessary but when it comes to forcing them is so wrong and unamerican. I have an autism spectrum disorder I'm very fortunate tho I'm okay with myself others aren't and that's fine don't need em no way. Tho i have very high intelligence it pisses me off that autism is a possible side effect of vaccines and stratospheric aerosol injections. My autism is hereditary my mother was just like me and if i thought for one second that it came from either of those I'd be working to make sure everybody knew where it came from. I never thought growing up I'd not get to live the so called American dream and to alive in a time where our very humanity and life as we know it would be under attack like it is! We truly are at a crossroads its either bow down to the evil or stand up and fight literally for what's right!

  • LOL, they need drones because…..there are no satellites.

  • CDC=The Star of Molech.

  • Is Rand Paul nuts, who would vaccinate their children? Maybe he gave them all Tetanus shots, which is bad enough. The Star of Molech is behind this.

  • They do not care for our children…. So, use herbs and other natural medicine to flush these poisons out!

  • I've got alot of RESPECT for you brother. Your doing a great thing, with the content you bring us on your channel. GREATLY APPRECIATED. You and many others on this platform. Thank you. Never give up, keep your head up, I always see your in good spirits. Blessings too you, aswell as everyone else that come to your channel.

  • i dont like the way things are going or that you dont acknowlege Trumps connextions. This is dangerous, the Noahyde laws?>/?? come on, i really thought you were real…shit

  • People don't die from the measles or mumps, or what we call "strep" throat nowadays.

  • Peter Christain

    Everybody knows with Blake Donald Trump is wake up America be happy

  • I am so greatful that God is in control because we surely have messed things up. I believe in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ so I rest in Him. However that does not mean that I still don't have to be RESPONSIBLE and productive. For those left behind God have mercy.

  • Peter Christain

    Don't worry people everything is going to be just fine don't worry be happy šŸ¤—

  • Food prices have gone up. Wanted a piece of pie from the Cheese Cake Factory to have delivered, by Door Dash! Over $17 and change. Wtf?

    These 5G drones will be perfect to fry people. No touch death.


    Oh I can TELL they going to kill that lady for finding out what's happening. If I was her I would get out the USA right away. The way those judges was staring. They looked like death in the mirror.

  • We love you and your boldness more than you ever, ever know

  • So let me get this straight you can choose to kill your baby at birth but you can't choose to keep your baby alive and healthy so very disturbing and backwards

  • See….YouTube./Shaking My Head…..5G Developed In Israel–Big Brother Is Watching!….

    Trump's PalmBeach home exempt from 5G and also Israel. If Israel doesn't want it I don't either; same goes for GMO's in my food.


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