How to create an open concept room with a flush beam

Watch as we remove a drop beam and replace it with a flush mount beam to open up an old living room and kitchen. We will walk you through all the steps you need to do and we will show you the benefits of using a hanger nailer from Prime Fasteners.


  • This guy is so Canadian, makes me miss home.

  • Good video, as a fellow contractor, nicely done, everything looked aligned and in place. The only thing I noticed was that you put a joist hanger nail into the ceiling joist itself; shouldn't you use at least a 3" framing nail or screw? At least that's what I was taught. I could see in a limited space, sometimes you have to do the best you can do!

  • Love the videos Kody. Are you all OJT or did you do some kind of school?

  • How long was the beam ?
    And can I do something like that with a 22 F beam the roof is rafters roof

  • Kudos on information on regard to types of roofs an design where you can modify

  • Would this work if the beam was holding up the 2nd floor instead of roof?

  • It would have looked better if you had removed the other wall too and just extended the length of the beam. I assume this is the living / dining / kitchen area.

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