Slick Pro Tricks for Faux Beam Joinery

Massive mortise and tenon joinery is a key feature of rustic timber beams. Learn tricks I use to create a convincing replica of wedged mortise and tenon joints on solid white oak faux beams. The tricks include a couple simple but well thought out templates and a thoughtful workflow along with some dedicated tools that make the process dependable and accurate for consistent results.

Here’s a special collection of tools and supplies you’ll see in the video on a Next Level Carpentry Influencer’s page on Amazon:
Tools and supplies purchased through links on the page are a way you can support Next Level Carpentry for free since stuff is the same price to you but Amazon pays a small ad fee which I really appreciate.
This is a more complete list of a bunch of other stuff I use in the shop and on jobsites:


  • Thanks Matt – another great learning video ….The slight tapering on the wedge-tenon (errr….I meant tenon-wedge!!) is a neat little trick, and I learned of a new (and I agree "wicked") tool – the Lie-Nielsen small chisel plane (or what they refer to as the "97-and-a-half" – the smaller cousin to the original Stanley 97) – thx for that info I now have this on my buying list, if the boss allows me to purchase it!…..

  • Could be used to create a dovetail too

  • Masterful work Matt – thank you 🙏🏼

  • Great workmanship and great jig designs.

  • Next level carpentry.
    And people think that Norm Abram is good!!!! I love your perfection work. You get what you pay for and I hope you get paid well. I lost a job a few years ago during the interview I told the company owner that some people can afford to pay $50,000.00 on a remodel and some can afford $100,000.00 on the project. I explained to him that regardless of how much anyone can afford to spend, that I give each job the same quality and perfection. He highly disagreed. And I didn't get the job.

  • that corner chisel is in my amazon cart, now!

  • i got a corner chisel and they do make things a lot easier.

  • Joseph Pastorino

    Great video and great work!

  • your channel is great, you actually teach things that are worth learning and really help someone to become professional at their work. thank you.

  • "Master Carpenter" seems to fall short as I continually observe you artistic skills, when applying the 7 Ps of life. Can't wait to see the finished install video. Oh ….. 7 Ps ????— (old military throw back) —-Proper, Prior, Planning, Prevents, Piss, Poor, PerformanceSay that seven times as fast as you can … LOL

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