Build a Rustic Faux Beam Mantel or Shelf

In this video I demonstrate how to build a rustic faux beam that can be used as a mantel or a shelf. It hangs by a French cleat and has a secret compartment for things you want hidden. I used a beam like this on a fireplace made of stone and reclaimed barn wood. That video can be found here:

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  • Awesome video and final product. What grit sandpaper did you use prior to stain?

  • Thanks for the video. I got a lot out of it. I have a full concrete house with large concrete beams. I'm looking to cover them and make them look like wood beams. I have access to a lot of mahogany here in the Philippines.

  • if you take a grinder wheel to all the edges and corners and unevenly round them off more before sanding, it would look more rustic and realistic like old beams actually look.

  • Great video, just what I need. 👍

  • Please don't consider this a critique of style or construction technique – but rather – safety. At 2:22, you demonstrated a very dangerous table saw technique whereas you used the fence as a stop for your cross cut, using your miter gage. When the cut is complete, the "non-driven" piece is sandwiched between the blade and the fence. It wouldn't take much for that piece to skew slightly – resulting in a dangerous kickback. A much safer technique is to clamp a small block to the START of the fence in such a way that you can use it to register the length before you grip it against the miter – but by the time the cut is finished, the newly cross cut piece has "relief" between it and the fence. 

    The second dangerous technique is seen at 2:31, whereas you are crosscutting using the fence alone. The smaller dimension of the wood should never be against the fence. Instead, you should the miter gage, or (better yet) a crosscut jig. For repetitive cuts, you can easily clamp or screw a registration block along the jig.

  • Look really good sir.Thanks

  • Michael Lopez

    Great video! Can I ask, why did you use your mitre saw to mitre the ends of the long board, rather than the table saw you were using to mitre the other edges? Was that just preference, or is there a specific reason?

  • Awesome table saw. I want one bad. I like my dewalt but I also like having all 10 of my fingers.

  • Southern Buckeye

    Great video! Currently building my own, based on this video, for my fireplace. Perfect design to run my speaker and hdmi cables for my TV & front surround speakers.

  • I've been salvaging barn boards and beams from a collapsed barn on my Grandparents property for our camp and a new home build, but this idea is great, thanks!

  • Veritas Vincit

    great video. great explanation.

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