Python Pandas Tutorial 9. Merge Dataframes

Pandas merge function provides functionality similar to database joins. You can merge two data frames using a column column. One can perform left, right, outer or inner joins on these dataframes. This tutorial also covers indicator and suffixes flags in pandas.merge function.
notebook/code used in this tutorial:

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  • Great explanation. Thanks

  • Nice video!

  • In Power BI you can easly append 30 multiple csv files from a folder, keeping the file name in a column to differ one to each other and know how many rows you have for file once you have only one by this combination.

    Remember all those files have the same structure.
    Thus you have to create using code a new column according to each file name to solve the problem.
    Can you do that with pandas in jupyter notebook?

    Thank you for all your work is amazing!

  • Thank you very much. When we use large datasets with merge & 'outer' getting 'Memory Error'
    Is there any alternative / recommended way to fix this ?
    When i google, there was a open bug raised 2 years before and there is no resolution yet.

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    The viewers who disliked this video are mentally ill……. LOL

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    wonderful tutorial, i was so confused about these things, after watching your videos i am speechless. Thnx again for sharing great tutorial with us.I will be in your debt forever

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  • Really helpfull serie you have made. thanks

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