Decline of the US and the rise of Europe, IPBC Global – 2016

With the trend firmly in favour of Europe, IAM looks at the US and what market still needs to do to “get it right”; and Europe – what it needs to do in order to maximise its full potential. Featuring contributions from Murali Dharan (CEO, IP Value), David Kappos (Former Under Secretary of Commerce for IP), Charles Clark (Global Head of IP, Edwards Ltd), Brian Hinman (CIPO, Royal Philips), Malcolm Meeks (VP & Head of IP, France Brevets) and Phyllis Turner-Brim (Chief IP Counsel, Intellectual Ventures).

IPBC Global is the leading conference focusing on Intellectual Property value creation. IPBC Global addresses issues at the cutting edge of IP value creation and management. It brings together acknowledged IP decision-makers, aggregation firms, senior executives, investors, private practice lawyers from around the world in an atmosphere specifically designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences. Visit for more information.

IPBC events are organized IAM, which is universally acknowledged as the world’s leading IP business media platform. It was launched as a magazine in July 2003 to address the need for organizations to maximize the value of their intellectual property and other intangibles, and to examine the strategies they can put in place to do this. IAM now produces a wide range of publications, as well as a weekly email and daily blog. You can find out more on
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RavenCoin RVN Как правильно майнить! Увеличиваем производительность!

Биржа на которой я торгую – Пулы:

@echo off
z-enemy -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u RTcobWLEJJVXinyVr5wJfH1bL4Hfg7iqgd -p d=48
goto start

Майнеры :
Z-ENEMY VER 1.09b –
Z-ENEMY Enemy 1.09a –

Why does BBT mine RavenCoin RVN? BBT Crypto #3

This was asked a few times over the last two weeks and I wanted to try and articulate why I am personally mining RVN. This is an adjustment to the 60 second format and this is the first render. Given our goal to do one a day, time was getting short. I think I can slow the video down a bit more in the next one… but hopefully the point is made this round.

Source Content/Graphics:
– white paper – details around coin

RavenCoin launch announcement:

RavenCoin GitHub

RavenCoin Discord

RavenCoin Explorer

AMD Miner
x16r compiled version:

If you get a VC Runtime 140 error
– You need both MCVC Runtime 2015 both x86 and x64

Other sources used in video:
– Click Credits to Universal –
Back To the future – 1986 – Delorean Scene

– RVN Status –

– CoinMarketCap-

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Noobs Guide to Mining RavenCoin Easy

RavenCoin core wallet

RavenCoin Nervermore miner


ccminer -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u RMXggumqyGxy69Q5fEikMHEQDAcwXJx362 -p x

Pool to check on your miners

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Noobs Guide to Mining RavenCoin Easy

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