BitTube (TUBE) (formerly IPBC) | Crypto First-Look Fundamentals

Initial deep dive into BitTube (TUBE) formerly IPBC. Keep in mind my research into these coins is organic and I’ve sometimes never heard of them. It would be much like any new user coming across these projects. If I miss anything in this initial analysis HELP FILL ME IN! Leave a comment. Explain what I may have missed!

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Keep in mind all research done is my own and all opinions of these projects are my own. If you disagree with something, leave a comment and EXPLAIN why I am wrong! I want to LEARN above all else! And let’s help each other understand these complex topics! Again, here’s my discord where I am always on if you’d like to discuss things!

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Luxcore(LUX): Giveaway,Mineração e Carta.:)

Neste vídeo é apresentada a Criptomoeda Luxcore(LUX), que tem como destaque, o algoritmo PHI1612 e o sistema de Masternodes Paralelos.No dia 17/02/2018, Sábado, sua Pool, PickAxe Pro, vai brindar os Mineradores com recompensas de 5 LUX, distribuídas aleatoriamente naquele dia. Confiram!!!!

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My first real crypto vid. hopefully you guys find some value in this drawn out review. More and better content to come

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Ethereum to $15,000?! – Ethereum CryptoCurrency Price Prediction – ETH Crypto News

How high could Ethereum go this year? Could we see ,000 ETH Ethereum? Crypto ETH News!
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⛓ Zcash e sua tecnologia – Parte 2

Conheça mais sobre a tecnologia da Zcash e dos próximos passos para a adoção do mercado com o CEO e fundador da Zcash, Zooko Wilcox.

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Binance Rumors Debunked! ZCash Hard Fork | Nexus AMA | SegWit Adoption | $BNB $ZEC $NXS $ENG

CZ debunks rumors of being shut down, ZCash has a its first hard fork, NexusEarth AMA, France loves crypto, Google blockchain, could Enigma save the blockchain, and the return of Crypto Kitties???

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4:42 Binance (BNB) shuts down rumors
5:50 Segwit adoption
8:40 Nexus (NXS) AMA
10:00 Zcash (ZEC) hard fork
12:58 French Finance Minister supports ICOs
14:28 Google has their own blockchain plans
16:00 Enigma (ENG) could help solve blockchain privacy
19:58 The Return of Crypto Kitties! (Ethereum ETH)

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What Is My Favorite Type Of Crypto?!? Why Am I So Confident? $ NEO $ ICX $ EOS $ XLM $ ADA $ LSK $ QTUM

Watch this video again because it’s awesome:

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Bruce Schelkopf, Chief IP Officer, ABB – IPBC Global 2017

If you have never attended IPBC Global – why should you? Bruce Schelkopf, chief IP officer at ABB explains why he attends each year and invites everyone to IPBC Global 2018 in San Francisco, June 10 to 12.

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ZCash объявляет войну ASICам

На днях Zcash Foundation сообщило, что приоритетом их разработок станет борьба с асиками. Очередной лещ асикам)

Группа в вк, там тоже будут видосы

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