Butterfly Labs 25GH/s Bitcoin Miner Short Review

A short review of the Butterfly Labs 25GH/s Bitcoin miner. An ok bitcoin mining rig that is loud. Easyminer seems to need to be restarted every day.

This short video clip demonstrates the sound levels of the Monarch bitcoin miner during testing within the test facility’s anechoic chamber. The registered 50dB on the meter is roughly equivalent to a conversation between two people.

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Butterflylabs. Miner BitForce Single SC. Bitcoin Miner 50 Gh/s

Great for hobbyists or someone wanting to learn to setup a miner and software. Now you can own a part of bitcoin history, the “original bitcoin miner” from Butterfly Labs. These older generation units perform at 50 GH/s or more and will sure look good on your desk and have everyone asking what it is. Already a serious bitcoin miner? Then these make great gifts for friends who have been interested in tinkering with bitcoin mining!

Included accessories: USB Cable and Power Cord

Plug the USB cable into a host computer and run the supplied software. Additional Bitforce SC products can be added to the chain via a USB hub for linear performance multiplication with no overhead cost. Each additional unit is auto-configured and folded into the workforce without any user intervention required.
For more information visit: https://products.butterflylabs.com/
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Texas Bitcoin Conference – MinerSource

The Money & Tech team got to interview representatives from bitcoin mining company Miner Source at the recent Texas Bitcoin Conference on March 5th-6th, on the fringe of the SXSW Interactive Festival.

Dan Murtha of MinerSource explained their offerings, both as an end-to-end hosting solutions provider, as well as a reseller of bitcoin mining hardware from manufacturers Black Arrow and BitMain. Dan also told us about CryptMint, which prints QR codes onto metal surfaces such as silver and copper coins, providing a more physically secure way to hold on to your bitcoins.

Watch on the Money & Tech website at http://www.moneyandtech.com/texas-bitcoin-conference-mining/

David’s KNC Miner 650GH. Team Korea

Join my Team on btcguild.com !! The Team name is “Team Korea”
I’d like to compete with other countries. Dokdo Korea!

한국의 BTCguild.com Team 을 소개합니다. “Team Korea” 로 오십시오.
여러분의 채굴 확률을 높혀 드립니다. 세계와 경쟁합시다. 독도를 알리기 위해 기금도 Bitcoin으로
만들것이고 Unicef 기금도 마련하려고 합니다.

David Bitcoin Address : 1CxxAxqAq2zvxY8N3EYtM3VHAxTuFFhA8Q

Alex Lawn, Spokesman for KnCMiner discusses his background, how he got involved in bitcoin, the complexities of how digital payments actually work, thoughts on the energy associated with mining bitcoins and the future of bitcoin as a disruptive payment network.

This interview is one in a series captured at the Media Bistro Inside Bitcoins Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, December 10th and 11th, 2013

The “Voices of the Bitcorati” Interview Series was inspired by the short educational videos produced by Big Think (www.bigthink.com). These Bitcorati interviews were created in an effort to promote the merits of Bitcoin, bitcoin thought leadership, and the people and organizations facilitating bitcoin adoption and acceptance around the world.

About Bitcorati

Bitcorati.com is a global directory and rating system for the people and businesses involved in Bitcoin. We help people discover, rate and review bitcoin merchants and help bitcoin businesses built trust, target and attract new customers. A hybrid of the word “Bitcoin” and “literati” Bitcorati represents a strong and growing community of great minds, thought leaders and entrepreneurs who are building the future of Bitcoin and digital, math-based currencies worldwide. We are the Bitcorati!

Rockminer Rocket RK-BOX 450 – 480 GH/s Miner Raspberry Pi Setup Guide

This video will teach you how to setup the Rockminer “Rocket” RK-BOX.

Raspberry Pi Software Download

Win32 Disk Imager

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