How to Setup Rockminer R-Box using Raspberry Pi and cgminer

This video will show you how to setup a R-Box using a Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Software (version 0.3.0) Download

Raspberry Pi Software (version 1.3.0) Download

Win32 Disk Imager

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Bitcoin Antminer S1. Some common questions answered about setting up multiple miners

If you didn’t get a chance to see my first video on the Antminer S1 take a look.

Bitcoin Antminer S1. Choosing the correct power supply, setup and operation.

This is a stress test to see how cold a Bitmain Antminer will run out in my garage. Its a cold Canadian winter. Its running BETTER than it was inside. HW errors are not even 1/4 of what they were before we have had some -40 nights and it works fine! Temps are actually running at 38 and 30. I was incorrect in the video.

ASICMiner Erupter Unboxing and Review

The folks over at ASICMiner sent me some of their new USB “Erupter” miners to play with and review.

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ROCKMINER Rocket Box Operation Guide

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The Disappointment and Promise of Bitcoin in 2015

An overview of where Bitcoin disappointed us, and where it may still succeed if we all decide to throw some of our support behind it as I’ve happily done — regardless of outcome. It’s about taste. My brand new 2015 Bitcoin address for tips: 18xF9SZjWsv8T4jxqnsFLQEN6sTjs7b6Rn New to Bitcoin? I recommend and for buying or selling Bitcoin safely (I’ve used both services).

Not financial advice. Bitcoin prices are volatile and can lose value.

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Today we are interviewing one of the most influential men in bitcoin. A champion of both liberty and bitcoin. He is the owner of One of Bitcoins most popular wallet providers, with nearly 3 million bitcoin wallets.

Roger is a serial investor investor in the bitcoin space and spends most of his time traveling and evangelizing bitcoin.

In todays interview we talk about some exciting developments in the bitcoin world. We get an update on the VC world and the money pouring into bitcoin. We learn a great way to use bitcoin to get 25% discounts on all purchases from Amazon and of course we talk about the bitcoin price as well.



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Antminer S4 Noise Levels And The Reality of Ownership .

Hey everyone, Enjoy the sneek peek into my basement. I wanted to show everyone how the Antminer S4 sounds in a normal house and not a datacenter.

Antminer S5 Bitcoin Miner Unboxing Review and Setup

Got the miner directly from bitmain they are a great company! you can get one for yourself at . If your looking for a bitcoin miner then I recommend this one because it is a great price for what you get and it has a 100 dollar beaglebone Black! I used quadriga CX to trade my USD to BTC and it was much better than any other website I tried! you can try it for free for a limited time at ! I now post new videos every monday so subscribe to be the first one to know when a new video is released. My video of a review of the Robo 3D printer has almost 100 views!! it’s not much but THANK YOU!

Why Bitcoin Matters (Mauldin Economics)

More details:

Bitcoin, as you’re about to see, could revolutionize finance, banking, commerce and more – the impact this technology could have on global society is just beginning to reveal itself.

We think you’ll agree after watching “Why Bitcoin Matters” that the future of currency could be digital, open-source, finite, mathematics-based, and truly game changing.

By John Mauldin

Finally!! KNCminer Jupiter Unboxing and Setup

Find this and more great products @ Video of me opening and setting up my KNC Jupiter bitcoin miner. If I can do it, anyone can. If you like my video and it helped you set up your knc miner ASAP, please donate bitcoin.
Also, please contact me if you need further help. Ive learned a lot since Ive posted this.


OR Litecoin:


KNC firmware links:
.99 recommended with enable cores

KNCminer manual:

Putty link:

Disclaimer: Im in no way promoting mining or saying its a good investment. Any comments I make or advise I give is simply my opinion. Please do your own research, as I did, to come up with your own calculated risk assessment.

Temporary installation of my newly arrived KnC Miner Neptune.

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