Top 10 Bitcoin Facts

It’s time to put your money where your monitor is! And, while it doesn’t grow on trees, it does in your hard drive! Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 facts about Bitcoin.

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A somewhat technical explanation of how Bitcoin works.

Written version:

New shorter 5 min introduction:

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Spanish caption translation by Borja Rodrigo,, DFJWgXdBCoQqo4noF4fyVhVp8R6V62XdJx

Russian caption translation by Alexandra Miklyukova

Italian voice over:
Italian captions translated by Simone Falcini, 1H5KdCnBooxfqpXtyQBBAKKRU7MkCZCVCe

Hashfast Baby Jet Unboxing


Just an unboxing of my first Baby Jet from Hashfast.

Getting this up and running was pretty simple, just had to direct a web browser at the IP address of the Raspberry PI to configure it.


Though we’re a young company, our founders go back to the very beginning of the Bitcoin mining revolution. Simon Barber and Eduardo deCastro have a track record of innovation and success that stretches back over a decade. Together, they bring not only expertise in developing new tech, but crucial experience in bringing bleeding-edge technology products to market.

Working Bitmine CoinCraft Desk 1TH/s Bitcoin miner

This configuration is running stable in our labs at slightly more than 1 TH/s, exactly the promised nominal performances for a 5 modules Desk unit.

The power usage to the wall was 1060W which is already a world-record, but the production units will even be slightly better due to further optimizations done in the meantime.

CoinCraft-based Bitcoin miners are available for sale on our website or through one of our official worldwide distributors.

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