The magic of mining

The magic of mining
“I've always feared that mining will concentrate in a few countries,” says Yifu Guo, a founder of Avalon, a designer of mining chips. He even worries that a hostile government might seize control of the bitcoin system. Others worry that it might, at …
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Mining Bitcoin Has Become A Ruthlessly Competitive Business
"I've always feared that mining will concentrate in a few countries," says Yifu Guo, a founder of Avalon, a designer of mining chips. He even worries that a hostile government might seize control of the bitcoin system. Others worry that it might, at …
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Avalon ASIC's 40nm Chip to Bring Hashing Boost for Less Power
A newly released report reveals details of Avalon ASIC's upcoming third-generation bitcoin mining chip. According to the preliminary report, the 40nm ASIC – which Avalon is calling the A3233-Q48 – will have 7 GH/s of power per integrated circuit, which …
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KnCMiner Jupiter Bitcoin Miner UNBOXING and FIRST LOOK!

The time has finally to do the Super Secret Special Unboxing. It is of a KnCMiner Jupiter. This is a special computer that mines Bitcoins and other cryptographic currencies. So, yes, this thing makes money. A lot of money. You can buy one at one of the links here:

I can not stress this enough! If you want one, visit one of the links above!!! Also, if you’re coming from Bitcointalk, Reddit, or The Botting Network, hello. My name on TBN and BTCtalk is goosoodude, and my Reddit username is MrGoosoodude.

Also, if you don’t know what Bitcoin is, here’s a video:

Also, this is just a really fast computer using what is called “ASIC” technology. This means it can only mine SHA-256d coins, such as Bitcoin and PPcoin.

Thank you so much for watching! A full review of this miner will be coming in 2-3 days. So, make sure you Subscribe and “Like” the video, as I put a lot of hard work into making this happen. 🙂

N.2 Bitcoin (5 cube for 1 unit) KNCminer Neptune in action!

BITBITE: KnCMiner Refunds, $14M Raise, Pivot To Bitcoin Mining Operation + Why Mining Is Hard Now

Follow The Coin’s BitBite with Tina Hui: KnCMiner refunds bitcoin mining machine pre-order customers and pivots their business, raising M for their new Bitcoin mining operation in the Arctic Circle.

PLUS: Follow The Coin explains why mining bitcoin has become harder and unprofitable for individual miners.
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Why Bitcoin Mining Can No Longer Ignore Moore's Law
The bitcoin mining industry has witnessed massive change over the past two years. The technological arms race launched by ASIC makers quickly put an end to GPU and FPGA (field-programmable gate array) mining, but much like the Cold War arms race, …
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Swedish Bitcoin Politician Wins Seat in Parliament with Only Bitcoin Donations
vote Mathias Sundin, deputy mayor of Norrköping in Eastern Sweden, has won his bid to join Sweden's 349-member Parliament while only receiving donations in the growing global digital currency, Bitcoin. He left an understated Tweet on his Twitter …
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KnCMiner Titan Miner UNBOXING

For BTC donation: 1FzyAqUjkr7MbdZ8G2v3TCTaWHxjBSGfdK
For LTC donation: LKRZ7cTZFGVJJmLyn6hcHYaUwp3g1KSPpL
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Finally our Titan Miner arrived TODAY 24. Sept 2014!
Here is an unboxing video Part 1 of KnCMiner Titan 300 MH + Scrypt Litecoin / Dogecoin Miner 1st Batch!
Hashrate delivered in “Cubes”

The Titan is a new modular design system, the chips are delivered in individual “cube” cases, each with its own dedicated cooling and power management. The controller cards are also delivered separately. One full Titan Miner consists of four fourTitan Cubes.

Part 2 the setup guide will come up soon!!! If you like my video please donate bitcoin or litecoin.

The Titan 1 or 2 is the most advanced Litecoin miner announced to date. We are one of the very first and earliest orders from KnC.
Employs record-breaking 28nm technology and offering a 300+/MH/s rate!
KnC has the best track record of ANY other Bitcoin / Litecoin / ASIC manufacturer.

I hope you enjoy this video. Please like& subscribe and if you are happy feel free to donate…
Your support is truly appreciated in
bitcoin: 1FzyAqUjkr7MbdZ8G2v3TCTaWHxjBSGfdK

litecoin: LKRZ7cTZFGVJJmLyn6hcHYaUwp3g1KSPpL

This is my first time using KnCMiner Products. I am not promoting or working for KnCMiner. I’m just trying it out. For any tips or help just contact me. Thank for your support!!!

How To Underclock, Undervolt An Antminer S1 (Pencil Mod)

Underclocking your Antminer S1 is great heres how and why

Uses ~46% of the power (in my tests 400W to 185W)
Generates less heat,
Fans are slower as less heat is generated

And you only lose 40 GHash

Bitcoin talk forum:


option ‘freq_value’ ‘0A81’ #275M
option ‘chip_freq’ ‘275’
option ‘timeout’ ’45’

To the Config file

My pool:

BTC: 14uUbzJSi2t5MGgYH72PdTonD22V8drBVN
Doge: DTHbar4BRRmxx2YBjkYj23epzJG7Z2g5cx

Google+ :
Folding@home team: 123464

Is KnCMiner Finally Issuing Titan Refunds?

Is KnCMiner Finally Issuing Titan Refunds?
KnCMiner has been unable to produce quickly and ship mining equipment for some time now. After it's lengthy eight-month wait for Neptune miners, they've decided to do the right thing and stop selling mining equipment to independent miners. KnCMiner …
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KNC Class Action: Investigation into KNC Miner's Mischief
kncminer-titan-scrypt-asic-miner KNC Titan customers are starting to get exhausted from the ongoing shenanigans that KNC is playing with millions of dollars in customer funds. KNC Titan customers will be relieved to know that a class action …
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