Alpha Technology Announces First Ever Litecoin ASIC Miner

Alpha Technology Announces First Ever Litecoin ASIC Miner
Technology. You may have heard of the recent Bitcoin millionaires and missed out. If your joining the race now, Litecoin is the way to go! 3D render of the 25Mh/s Viper Miner. Manchester, UK-based Alpha Technology has announced it will start developing …
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Bitcoin Company HashingSpace registers for US FinCEN regulations
The company has on several occasions expressed its commitment to put together key infrastructure so that the Bitcoin usage could be spread universally. It strives to extend the use of this infrastructure for Bitcoin Mining Farms, ASIC Miner Colocation …
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BitFury Adds Some Bitcoin Heavyweights to Advisory Board
BitFury has announced today that it has brought on two people with long careers to its board of directors, Dr. James Newsome and Hernando de Soto. Newsome is more of a regulatory heavyweight, having previously served under President Bill Clinton as …
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CoinTerra rushes 28nm ASIC to bitcoin hardware market

CoinTerra rushes 28nm ASIC to bitcoin hardware market
The emerging virtual money economy has firms racing to market with bitcoin mining chips, and in just eight months, start-up CoinTerrain developed a 28nm ASIC that pushes the envelope of power density, and shipped a system that equips four of them.
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Bitcoin-Mining: Hersteller Cointerra ist pleite
Unter anderem der stark gefallene Bitcoin-Preis hat Cointerra, einem Hersteller von Bitcoinmining-Hardware, den Todesstoß gegeben. Das texanische Unternehmen musste Insolvenz anmelden. Cointerra, ein in Texas beheimateter Hersteller von Hardware …
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Inside Butterfly Labs: The ASIC bitcoin mining arms race

Inside Butterfly Labs: The ASIC bitcoin mining arms race
CoinDesk's Daniel Cawrey recently visited and toured the facilities at Butterfly Labs, one of the most prominent and written about producers of bitcoin mining technology. In this second part of this series, he reports on the factors involved in the …
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New lawsuit against Bitcoin miner manufacturer alleges fraud, negligence
One of the world's most mysterious Bitcoin-related companies is now facing its first civil lawsuit in a United States federal court, with many more likely on the way. Last summer, Ars reported on Butterfly Labs (BFL), which makes ASIC-based Bitcoin miners.
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Butterfly Labs Announces 28nm ASIC Bitcoin Mining Processor

Overland Park, KS (PRWEB) August 21, 2013

Butterfly Labs (BF Labs Inc.), the Kansas based leader in Bitcoin mining technology has announced its 2nd generation ASIC Bitcoin processor – the 4th bitcoin processor in its history. The new chip has been in quiet development for the last six months.

As the first company to introduce a 2nd generation ASIC chip, Butterfly Labs has leveraged its proven design to set an all new high mark in performance for the Bitcoin mining industry.

“We’ve learned a great deal with our first ASIC. After an initial delay, that processor has been shipping in volume for the past few months and is now powering the majority of the Bitcoin network. For this 28nm version, we were able to use our test bench data to make major optimizations in both speed and efficiency that would otherwise not be possible with a first generation design.” remarked Butterfly Lab’s chief ASIC engineer John Cheng. “Our deep involvement with the engineering team from Global Foundries has further allowed us to maximize our design for their advanced 28 nanometer process.”

The first product using the new technology was also announced today. The ‘Monarch’ is a PCIe card optimized for large scale mining in data centers. Each device will process 600 GH/s @ 350 w of power consumption. The product is being offered at $ 4,680 US Dollars. This would make it the most powerful & cost effective bitcoin mining card offered by any company in the industry. Initial deliveries of the Monarch are slated to begin in December 2013.

The company is allowing existing customers to transfer any still undelivered back orders to the new higher speed technology, but they note that it would increase the wait time by several months and don’t recommend it.

According to Jeff Ownby, Butterfly Labs VP of Marketing, “If employed today, each device would mine approximately 6 bitcoins every 24 hours. At the time of this writing, that’s over $ 600 per day. However, it’s important to point out that mining difficulty & bitcoin prices change with great volatility. We can only guarantee the performance specifications of our hardware, not the market value of mining with it.”

Butterfly Labs will immediately accept placement in the queue through pre-orders.

To learn more about Butterfly Labs products, visit

CoinTerra™ announces the world's first 16nm ASIC based Bitcoin Miner – the

CoinTerra™ announces the world's first 16nm ASIC based Bitcoin Miner – the
AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — CoinTerra, the market leader in Bitcoin mining solutions today announced their next generation Bitcoin Miner – the AIRE Miner™. At an expected performance per watt of 5x the current generation …
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CoinTerra Is Now Offering Bitcoin Mining Contracts Out Of Their State-Of-The
CoinTerra today announced the immediate deployment of their state-of-the-art tier-3 compliant datacenter. From this data center, CoinTerra plans to offer Bitcoin mining contracts to individuals around the world whom are unable to mine in their own …
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CoinTerra™ breaks GH/s barrier with next-generation Bitcoin mining contracts
This extremely competitive pricing is made possible through the expected introduction of CoinTerra's next generation Bitcoin mining hardware: the AIREMiner™ which will utilize CoinTerra's highly scalable TruePeta™ architecture for high performance …
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Bitcoin ASIC Miner Company Rockminer and Its Community Success

Bitcoin ASIC Miner Company Rockminer and Its Community Success
Rockminer is a community success story in the manufacturing area of Bitcoin ASIC miners. I had recently reviewed the R-Box ASIC miners from Rockminer and not only did I like the miner, I found that the community supports them robustly. With Rockminer …
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Sierra history: Big risk, big money came with Comstock mining
These wildly productive mines gave birth to a densely populated, industrialized city of about 25,000 people, but the life of a typical hard-rock miner in Virginia City was not all oysters and champagne. In fact, most of the men who rode the shaft …
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Enjoying life, but not jokes, about Sudbury
Instead of admitting I was from Sudbury, where I was born and lived for my first 11 years, the daughter of a hard-rock miner, it sounded more exotic to say Manitoulin Island was my home because I lived there in my teen years. Several decades after …
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Bitmain Antminer S1 180Gh/s ASIC Miner – Mining Overview Review

This is an overview of a Bitmain Antminer S1 180 Gh/s mining rig mining in real time. It is mining sha-256 algorithm crypto coins and is stable at ~ 180 Gh/s using stock settings and a Corsair RM1000 PSU. Currently Bitcoin mining

In diesem Video wird gezeigt, wie Sie Ihren ASICMINER auch unter Windows nutzen können.

Auf vielfachen Wunsch verlinken wir nun auf die von uns in dem Video gezeigten Produkte.

Nur weil wir auf Amazon verlinken, heißt das nicht, dass es die verschiedenen Produkte nicht auch bei jedem anderen Online-Shop gibt. Da die Preise auch auf Amazon stark schwanken, ist es nicht möglich einfach auf das günstigste Produkt zu verweisen. Einfach mal aufrufen und danach Preise vergleichen.

Programm und Treiber:

Review: BitCrane T-110S Water Cooled 1 th/s ASIC Bitcoin Miner, Lower dB for

Review: BitCrane T-110S Water Cooled 1 th/s ASIC Bitcoin Miner, Lower dB for
BitCrane debuted with the T-110 water cooled Bitcoin ASIC miner earlier in the summer. The T-110 uses the Golden Nonce chips which BitCrane calls the UltraHoist Module. Each unit has 2 of these chips at a freq of 725 and uses a custom water cooling …
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Review: The Blizzard 1.3+ mh/s ASIC Scrypt Miner by ZeusMiner
ZeusMiner is the company that makes the Scrypt ASIC miner chips for many companies other than itself. It has positioned itself as not only a manufacturer but also as an OEM and re-seller of ASIC Scrypt Miners. Having to manage all three is a new and …
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ASICMINER's Immersion Bitcoin Miner – How Far It Has Gone
The ASICMINER construction was started in August 2013 and its hash rate started to ramp up in October. The whole unit is installed on the roof of the company that makes the ASIC chips. The ASIC cards are fitted to racks inside a glass tank containing a …
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