Cruising The Christmas Markets With Avalon River Cruises

When it comes to shopping for presents this year, river cruising around Europe’s most famous Christmas markets has become increasingly popular and with the major cruise lines such as Avalon River Cruises now offering itineraries to Strasbourg, Speyer and Heidelberg, it’s not hard to see why.

What can I expect on board?

On most of the major river holiday lines you can expect an abundance of festivities and celebrations as you sail through some of Europe’s finest cities.

Avalon River Cruises launched four brand new vessels in 2004, which makes them the world’s youngest fleet. Each ship boasts a smooth and sleek design with plenty of luxurious little touches. You will find the finest facilities on board these ships with all the modern amenities that you could possible need during your Christmas cruise.

As well as cruising in complete comfort and luxury, with Avalon River Cruises you can look forward to the finest cuisine. During the Christmas festivities, they will be serving turkey dinners with plenty of tasty roast potatoes, mulled wine and all the trimmings.

Avalon River Cruises ensure that the entertainment matches the itinerary, with lectures given on each destination and musical affairs that light up the evenings with Christmas carols and much, much more.

Popular ports of call…

Cruising along the Danube on your next boat trip, you will get the opportunity to visit the famous markets in Regensburg and Vienna and Nuremberg. Nuremberg is a popular stop over on most river cruise itineraries because it is home to the largest and most famous Christmas market of all, which is visited by nearly two million people each year.

With a history dating back to the 1600’s, this unique market offers a whole wealth of Christmas traditions and an atmosphere like no other. Well over two hundred stalls are located in the market square, and this market really gets you into festive spirits with mulled wine, gingerbread spices and many other unusual gifts.

The perfect Christmas present

These European Christmas markets really are out of this world. You can enjoy the colourful and fascinating displays as the famous Christmas markets create a stress free way of shopping for presents. Packed with over 100 huts and stalls, selling everything from arts and crafts, to wood-carved nativity scenes and hand-made Christmas decorations. Scented candles, knitwear and home-made cookies are also popular, so you can find just about anything at these grand festive affairs.

These Christmas markets are not just about buying presents either, as the celebrations in these European markets are truly huge. The quaint European towns are transformed into all things Christmas with sparkling lights, tinsel and trees, to make it a Christmas cruise you will never forget. It’s the next best thing to a trip to Lapland itself!

River cruising is on the rise

With the river cruise industry as a whole significantly growing in recent years, Avalon River Cruises has also seen a huge rise in sales and in particular, customers booking for a Christmas market river cruise. With numerous lines all offering sailings through Basel, Switzerland, Strasbourg, into the heart of the Rhine and Germany, guests can enjoy a relaxing week exploring traditional Christmas markets and traditional on board Christmas celebrations.

And when you’re ready to plan your next Avalon River Cruise, I’d like to invite you visit the cruise specialists at:

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Toyota to repair Avalon and other worldwide cars

Toyota Cars, one amongst the leaders in car manufacturing is planning to repair around 1.53 million Avalon and some other cars worldwide which are facing trouble with brake master cylinder seal and fuel pump wiring. The problem has been encountered mostly in the Unites States and Japan. The company’s announcement comes in a less than two months time. They recalled 1.3 million Toyota Corolla and Toyota Matrixin the United States and Canada as they were carrying defective engine control and because of which they could face problems in the car market. This car giant has recalled around 10 million wheelers in past, the primary reason being unintended acceleration. The company’s reputation was at stake because of quality and safety regulators. The Toyota company spokesperson to the Japan’s transport ministry said that 600,000 wheelers of 11 models which includes high-end model of Crown Sedan and Lexus IS and GS versions were recalled. The reasons were wrongly done fuel pump wiring, cylinder seal or in some cars, both. The Toyota U.S. Sales personnel said it would change the 740,000 Avalon, Highlander, Lexus GS 300, IS 250 and IS 350 for the brake master cylinder seal to be replaced. This is being done because there can be a probability that brake fluid may leak from the cylinder, which may further cause the brake warning lamp and even light up the cars. As Toyota is still in deciding phase to have an official recall in all the other market, they are planning to inquire in markets about the safety regulations. This was conveyed by the Tokyo based spokes person Paul Nolasco. The Toyota cars which have been recalled for repairs will be sold worldwide i.e, Europe, China, South America, Africa and Oceania. As per the spokesperson from Tokoyo, Nolasco, there were no accidents reported because of the car defects. He refused to throw light on the costing of the repairs and did not comment on the impact of the sales of the Toyota. As per the industry it will surely put the reputation on stake. With this news, the Toyota’s share in the Tokoyo market went up by 0.4 per cent at 2,900 Yen.

To know more about the Toyota Corolla and Cars at

What Has the New Toyota Avalon Got to Offer?

The new Toyota Avalon is produced at the George Town Assembly plant in Kentucky. The vehicle features with the 3.5 liter 2GR FE Dual VVT-i V6 engine. The vehicle offers 5-speed automatic and the 6-speed automatic transmissions. The new Avalon has the wheel base of 2822 mm. The length, width and the height of the vehicle are 5009 mm, 1849 mm and the 1486 mm respectively. The latest model will be featured with a fuel capacity of whopping 18.5 US gallons.

The current Avalon version is larger than the ones released in the earlier years. It is the first vehicle to use the design of single piece wiper blade. In order to provide more safety to the passengers, the model dropped the front bench seat, which was used among the American Sedan. And, in order to increase the comfort level to the rear passengers it was provided with flat rear floor.

The new Toyota Avalon is available in four types of trim levels premium Limited trim, a standard XL trim, an XLS trim and the sporty touring trim. The XL trim model comes with the standard 16 inches alloy wheels while the other trim models come in 17 inches wheels. The Touring and the Limited trims were fitted with the performance oriented trims.

The standard features in the XL trim level include automatic dual climate control and the audio system on the steering wheel. The Touring trim offers black leather interior, faux aluminum trunk lid mounted spoiler and the sports-tuned suspension, while high end specs like 6-disc CD changer, cargo nets, automatic electro chromic dimming rear window, driver’s side view mirrors, Home link transceiver, and power moon-roof features are included in the XLS trim model.

The other features in the Toyota Avalon include smart key system, rain sensing wipers, HID lighting, and the vehicle stability control.

Check out the latest Toyota Avalon Car Pictures and many more fascinating Toyota Car Pictures here

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Latest Toyota Car Reviews India: Avalon Hybrid 2013

Once again from the house of Toyota production conceals the limelight adherence with compliance of Avalon has been fully brightened up for the 2013 model year. With this all new 2013 the Avalon posses a great as well as more aesthetical operational features which can be easy to activate, a uplifting mannerism in a world of complicated, niggling cars and gadgets which offering more responsive handling while maintaining excellent ride quality. Meanwhile, the interior is attractive and comfortable with leather standard, thus, it surpasses ease to live with the all-new 2013 Avalon. Hence, Toyota car reviews the new design clearly bestows the new Toyota a much more expressive look with zealot and feel. Nevertheless, the Toyota has been tremendously marked a flabbergasted endeavor in its production cycle of vehicle with some extraordinary applicable operational parameters.

Herewith, Toyota strives to build vehicles to match customer interest and thus they typically are built with popular options and option packages integrated with aesthetic style of aerodynamic structure of redesigned 2013 Avalon. However, this exuberant introduction indeed marks a stout footprint in the field of the automobile sector. Unquestionably, this Avalon Hybrid 2013 is well equipped with well 3.5-liter V6 powerfully delivers amazingly excellent fuel economy with sophisticatedly deliver smoother mileage acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 6.7 seconds along with 21/31 mpg city or highway while a hybrid gas-electric powertrain is optional for extremely low emissions and better fuel economy respectively. Hereby, some of the central feature about this most appealing sedan is given below:

Electric Power Steering
Paddle Shifters
Sport Mode Backup Camera
Blind Spot Monitor
Automatic High Beam

On the other hand, for your prosperous assistance vitally plays a perspective role in endearing to track your vision in the right direction with enrichment of full authentic pivot of deliberative information about the automobile sector. Herewith, automobile seeker can easily find their perspective New Toyota car reviews India in just few clicks of mouse. Even more, visitor can able to fetch related responses about the Toyota car reviews online in blinks of eyes in much affluent manner. Meanwhile, is basically an automobile portal which facilitates diverse information in relation with cars or bike section paradigms with price parameters in affable manner. Thus, everyone can profusely find their perspective visionary by adherence with the website called as that stoutly marked a valiant endeavor in prolific compliance of the visitors or user requirements.

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Get Ahead With Avalon Headlights

Toyota made Avalon a full-size sedan in 1995. It was a reliable car with spacious interior. At present it is in its third generation which was introduced in 2005. This is a completely redesigned car with better engineering, more powerful engine, a new suspension, and has an upgraded and tasteful design. There is ample space in front and back seats with lot of leg room. It is offered in three trim levels and compares favorably with the best of sedans. It is front-driven car with traction control, stability control, antilock brakes, and airbags at proper places which makes it a very safe car. A sporty version called Touring is also available with 17 inch wheels and a better suspension.

Whatever be the vehicle its headlights are always an attractive feature. They fascinate children as well as grown up people. They look exceptionally attractive at night and if designed well they attract attention in day time as well. As a result there is a sort of competition amongst their designers to come up with better and innovative designs. Avalon headlights are one of these attractive headlights in the market. However it is to be kept in mind that headlights are not merely a decorating item but are primarily a safety feature. They help the driver to see the road at night or when the visibility is otherwise poor. Under such conditions you cannot make headway without quality headlights.

Avalon headlights like any other headlights are an assembly of parts comprising a source of light, reflectors, lens, all kept inside a housing unit. Fortunately we have very bright sources of light like LED lights, halogen lamps, and Xenon lights. They enhance the utility of headlights as these can cast the beam of light up to a longer distance which provides more time to the driver to safely maneuver his vehicle through traffic on the road. With the help of reflectors and lenses he can cast the beam of light in the desired areas on the road. You can have housings of headlights in the design and style of your choice as they get maximum attention of the designers. You can see more about Avalon headlights at

Louie Liu has been in the car aftermarket products industry for 5 years. He specializes in body kits, headlights, cold air intakes & other aftermarket products. You can learn more about Avalon headlights and other headlights at his site

Bitcoin Mining Hardware and Computer Company – Avalon Clones – Secures $3 Million in Second Round of Private Venture Funding

(PRWEB) July 22, 2013

Avalon Clones is a Bitcoin mining hardware and computer company that provides solutions to Bitcoin miners on an international level. Avalon Clones announced today that it has secured an additional $ 3 million in a second round of financing. Avalon Clones secured an initial round of $ 1.5 million in seed funding earlier in the year. The initial funding allowed the company to establish itself and achieve its initial objective of reverse engineering Avalon Batch 1 PCB boards and begin taking system pre-orders. With the company working to fill initial pre-orders, this second round of funding opens up the doors for faster delivery times and development of proprietary hardware on both 110nm and 28nm chipsets.

“Bitcoin is a triple entry bookkeeping system where a public ledger of every Bitcoin transaction is validated and distributed in real-time through the peer-to-peer Bitcoin network,” says “Bitcoin mining is the mechanism that keeps everyone in the system synchronized together. Bitcoin miners perform this labor because miners that solve a block earn (1) any transaction fees paid by customers for faster transaction processing and (2) newly created coins. ”

With Bitcoin trading for over $ 100 per coin for most of the year, many miners have become instant millionaires. The gold rush is on for people wanting to buy a computer, plug it in, and make money 24 hours a day.

Avalon Clones is initially producing an ASIC line of products based 100% on Avalon purchased chips and Avalon’s design. Avalon Clones expects to have much more reliable performance than the rest of its competition who were essentially funded through pre-orders and lacked significant in-house computer OEM manufacturing experience.

To learn more about Avalon Clones’ world leading Bitcoin mining hardware or to pre-order your rig please visit us at

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53. BITCOIN 2013 – Day 3 – Yifu Guo of Avalon, Part 1of3

1) My Bitcoin Tip jar: 185By4a1Lt2HnKLAKR5EmidZMYgp5DDSaj

2) Yifu giving a general talk re: Avalon

3) This is an amateur video in the interest of getting the information out there to bitcoin enthusiasts who couldn’t attend the conference for one reason or another. My understanding is that professional videos will be out in a week or two. Also at any point there are 4 or 5 conferences going on in parallel, I only recorded one of these, so look forward to Bitcoin Foundation’s professional videos.

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