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From Prada to Payless: First baby becomes a man
After all, he was my sisters' child, so he was a little bit mine. He was my first experience with a baby. Each time I saw him, I would be amazed at how much he had changed. His hair grew in thick and curly. His eyelashes grew longer. His chubby little …
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After Bitcoin loan goes south, judge rules man must repay over 000
This BTCjam loan is for the purchase of one Bitmine 1 TH/s Desktop Miner and possibly one additional 400 Gh/s based on exchange rate manufactured in Sweden. These two rigs in Turbo mode will produce 2.1 Th/s This will be an great [sic] increase in my …
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Confessions of a Nail Biter
I bit mine for over two decades. My habit was pretty extreme: I often would have to alternate between biting further down and blowing on the self-inflicted wound. I've chewed through a leather batting glove before to get to the nail during a high …
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Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan's (POT) CEO Jochen Tilk on Q1 2015 Results
You are always going to have some folks, and this will vary amongst grower to grower, and a lot of that will be dependent on the inherent soil fertility that they have as to, whether they choose to cut back a little bit, mine the soil a little bit …
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Addio bitcoin "ticinesi", fallita la Bitmine AG
Oltre 400mila dollari di rimborsi dovuti per la mancata consegna delle macchine che avrebbero dovuto produrre la moneta virtuale, questa era la situazione che era emersa e che aveva spinto Ticinonline a contattare il Ceo di Bitmine AG, Giorgio …

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Bitmine to drop 4PH/s of ASIC power onto bitcoin network
Massive Luck Investments, domiciled in Hong Kong but registered in the British Virgin Islands, has taken a 50% stake in Swiss mining hardware manufacturer Bitmine, (formerly Exion Networks), which has been designing Avalon-based mining hardware.
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Geothermal Gold: Why Bitcoin Mines are Moving to Iceland
Last month, Switzerland-based mining firm Bitmine switched from their base in the Alps to set up shop in Iceland. bitcoin mining difficulty The increasing difficulty of bitcoin mining over time – click to enlarge.( The company's "cloud …
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Bitmine AG Bitcoin ASIC Manufacturer On Refunds and Shipments
bitcoin interview Customers of Bitmine AG have been requesting a considerable number of refunds from them, and claim that it's taking too long to receive their money back. How long is too long to wait for a refund when a company is overloaded with …
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The Bitmine 1 th/s Bitcoin Miner From BitTech – Review
I was able to get a sample 1 th/s Bitmine SHA-256 Bitcoin miner to review. I got the miner from They are a new company on the Bitcoin mining scene and active on BitcoinTalk. The new CoinCraft A1 chips are powering the miner. They have been …
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'Team America: World Police' also ruled unacceptable by dictators and the
It's one of those movies where every fan has their personal favorite bit; mine was the sendup of action-movie training montages, followed closely by a discussion of how geopolitical forces can be divided into three categories whose names I cannot …
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Working Bitmine CoinCraft Desk 1TH/s Bitcoin miner

This configuration is running stable in our labs at slightly more than 1 TH/s, exactly the promised nominal performances for a 5 modules Desk unit.

The power usage to the wall was 1060W which is already a world-record, but the production units will even be slightly better due to further optimizations done in the meantime.

CoinCraft-based Bitcoin miners are available for sale on our website or through one of our official worldwide distributors.