KnCMiner Breaking Bitcoin Mining Record

KnCMiner Breaking Bitcoin Mining Record
KnCMiner have broken all bitcoin mining records by running a 3D Bitcoin Mining chip at 16 Nanometer. This new 16 nm processor, created at scale will bring a new paradigm shift in mining capabilities on the block chain. Mining bitcoin has taken a new …
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Cryptocurrency round-up: KnCMiner raises m and Adyen integrates BitPay
The price of bitcoin has continued to rise over the last 24 hours, as news regarding new merchant integration seems to be having a positive effect on the cryptocurrency. A 7% increase in the price of bitcoin since yesterday comes as news that BitPay …
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KnCMiner: Bitcoin Deserves Better
It's almost surreal, watching KnCMiner take the mining industry by storm again. After I wrote the article about them facing a lawsuit, I received more than twenty e-mails thanking me. People were telling me their story, how KnC strung them along for …
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BitcoinOrama – KnCMiner Jupiter Audible Volume (or lack of

The miner is whisper quiet, only when passing fans does turbulence distort the recording.

Mercury and Saturn from KNCminer, running in a cold basement with firmware.

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Finally!! KnCMiner Jupiter Bitcoin Miner UNBOXING and FIRST LOOK!

Find this and more great products @ The time has finally to do the Super Secret Special Unboxing. It is of a KnCMiner Jupiter. This is a special computer that mines Bitcoins and other cryptographic currencies. So, yes, this thing makes money. A lot of money. You can buy one at one of the links here:

I can not stress this enough! If you want one, visit one of the links above!!! Also, if youre coming from Bitcointalk, Reddit, or The Botting Network, hello. My name on TBN and BTCtalk is goosoodude, and my Reddit username is MrGoosoodude.

Also, if you dont know what Bitcoin is, heres a video:

Also, this is just a really fast computer using what is called ASIC technology. This means it can only mine SHA-256d coins, such as Bitcoin and PPcoin.

Thank you so much for watching! A full review of this miner will be coming in 2-3 days. So, make sure you Subscribe and Like the video, as I put a lot of hard work into making this happen. 🙂

Latest KnCMiner News

California Attorney Investigating Potential Class Action Against KnCMiner
A potential class action against bitcoin mining firm KnCMiner is beginning to take shape. California-based attorney Charlotte C Lin has announced that her firm is investigating unlawful activities related to the sale and distribution of KnCMiner's …
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KnCMiner Denies Abandoning Customers Though Admits It Will Mine for Its Own
NEW YORK (InsideBitcoins) — The reports on bitcoin news sites, as well as on financial news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, have said that KnCMiner has decided to stop selling hardware and will no longer service its customers.
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003 The Flipside Bitcoin News – BitPay 1M, Bitstamp Acc, KnCMiner DC, Gavin Andresen AMA, Sidechains

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Episode 03:

BitPay to conscribe one million merchants taking bitcoin by the end of 2016.

Bitstamp warns users that unverified accounts will be closed.

KFCMiner / KnC Miner has stopped selling bitcoin mining equipment and will build a mega datacenter to mine on their own hardware.

Ross Ulbricht’s Silk Road trial postponed until January 2015.

FBI reveals 519 million financial records have been stolen over the past 12 months.

Master Chef Gavin Andresen cooked up a storm on Reddit answering burning questions.

The BitLicense public comment period ended this week.

Blockstream raises million to develop Sidechains for Bitcoin.

Well, that’s it. Keep the fun hashing through the blockchain and send me a tip. Subscribe.

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Bitcoin Roundup News: Celeb Photo Leak, KnCMiner, The Bit Drop Project, CEO of Mt Gox, Charlie Shrem

This week’s Bitcoin News from KnCMiner, The Bit Drop Project, The Former CEO of Mt Gox, Charlie Shrem and The NSFW Fappening Celebrity Photo Leak!

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