How To GPU Mine – ZCash Cryptocurrency Mining For Profit

If you are a gamer you most likely have a video card that can mine cryptocurrency for you for a profit. Here is how you can make some extra money letting your graphics card do the work for you when you are not using your PC.

My command line used for Flypool. You will need to edit this to put in your account and machine name. Use this without the quotes. “miner –server –port 3333 –user t1WsPCRzUwF8ynhy7o78CBhe5kBPqM4dWmq.MachineName –pass x”

You can see my Flypool account here. My miners are offline when I am doing live shows or recordings.

Use the home page here for downloading the mining software. For my examples here I am using Windows – Nividia.

Please ask questions in the comments. For places you get stuck and items you have a hard time figuring out. This is the first mining video I have done and I believe it leaves a lot of things unanswered. I will use some of your questions and comments to make future videos. I will also try to answer questions.

Killawatt mentioned in the video for power metering

If you do not already own any crypto currency account I suggest an account at Coinbase. Here is a link to create an account: If you use this link to to create an account and you buy 0 of Bitcoin or more it will credit you an extra in Bitcoin and I will also receive a bonus.

Live Chat for the challenge found here: Look for the #cryptocurrency channel.

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Trading Group: This is a telegram group. It requires a telegram account. Telegram is where most of the crypto groups reside.

Good Tools and Services I like.
Bittrex for Alt Coin Trading:
Trading View:
Changelly: Coin conversions service.

Of note: I am not giving you professional investment advise. You need to do what you feel is best for you. I am just relating what I have found to work and not work for myself. You can use what you see in this video as a possible guide but your own success or failure may vary. 🙂

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